b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSSECURPAKSECURPAK FIXINGS & FASTENERSSecurPak Pozi CSK TT ScrewsSecurPak Pozi Pan SelfSecurPak Masonry Nails SecurPak Hexagon Nuts ZPZP Tapping Screws ZPSold in outer of 10 bags.Sold in outer of 10 bags. Sold in outer of 10 bags. Sold in outer of 10 bags. Code Size UnitSECURPAKCode Size (mm) Unit MPSSP10475 M4 Bag 90Code Size (mm) Unit MPSSP10365 3.5 x 13mm Bag 60 Code Size Unit MPSSP10476 M5 Bag 60MPSSP10305 3.5 x 13mm Bag 80 MPSSP10366 3.5 x 19mm Bag 50 MPSSP10445 25mm Bag 30 MPSSP10477 M6 Bag 40MPSSP10307 3.5 x 16mm Bag 90 MPSSP10367 3.5 x 25mm Bag 40 MPSSP10446 38mm Bag 25 MPSSP10478 M8 Bag 20MPSSP10309 3.5 x 19mm Bag 70 MPSSP10370 4 x 13mm Bag 35 MPSSP10447 50mm Bag 20 MPSSP10479 M10 Bag 10MPSSP10311 3.5 x 25mm Bag 50 MPSSP10371 4 x 19mm Bag 30 MPSSP10448 60mm Bag 15 MPSSP10480 M12 Bag 6MPSSP10313 3.5 x 38mm Bag 40 MPSSP10372 4 x 25mm Bag 25 MPSSP10449 70mm Bag 10MPSSP10315 4 x 19mm Bag 50 MPSSP10373 4 x 38mm Bag 20 SecurPak Washers ZPMPSSP10317 4 x 25mm Bag 45 SecurPak Netting Staples ZPMPSSP10319 4 x 32mm Bag 40 SecurPak Oval Nails BrightMPSSP10321 4 x 38mm Bag 30MPSSP10323 4 x 45mm Bag 25MPSSP10325 4 x 50mm Bag 22MPSSP10327 4 x 60mm Bag 20MPSSP10329 5 x 25mm Bag 25MPSSP10331 5 x 38mm Bag 22MPSSP10333 5 x 50mm Bag 20 Sold in outer of 10 bags.MPSSP10335 5 x 60mm Bag 12 Code Size UnitMPSSP10337 5 x 75mm Bag 10 Sold in outer of 10 bags. Sold in outer of 10 bags. MPSSP10485 M4 Bag 100MPSSP10339 5 x 100mm Bag 8 MPSSP10486 M5 Bag 80MPSSP10341 6 x 38mm Bag 15 Code Size Unit Code Size UnitMPSSP10425 25mm Bag 135g MPSSP10487 M6 Bag 60MPSSP10343 6 x 50mm Bag 10 MPSSP10450 19mm Bag 115g MPSSP10488 M8 Bag 50MPSSP10345 6 x 60mm Bag 9 MPSSP10426 38mm Bag 135g MPSSP10452 32mm Bag 100gMPSSP10427 50mm Bag 135g MPSSP10495 M10 Bag 20MPSSP10347 6 x 75mm Bag 8 MPSSP10497 M12 Bag 10MPSSP10349 6 x 100mm Bag 7 MPSSP10428 65mm Bag 135g SecurPak Felt Nails GalvMPSSP10429 75mm Bag 135gSecurPak Cup WashersSecurPak Drywall ScrewsMPSSP10430 100mm Bag 135gBlackSecurPak Round Nails BrightSold in outer of 10 bags. Sold in outer of 10 bags.Code Size Unit Code Desc. UnitSold in outer of 10 bags. Sold in outer of 10 bags. MPSSP10456 13mm Bag 100g MPSSP10505 CP No.8 Bag 16Code Size (mm) Unit Code Size Unit MPSSP10457 19mm Bag 125g MPSSP10507 BP No.8 Bag 16MPSSP10355 3.5 x 25mm Bag 55 MPSSP10435 25mm Bag 160g MPSSP10508 BP No.10 Bag 12MPSSP10356 3.5 x 32mm Bag 40 MPSSP10436 38mm Bag 160g SecurPak Blue Cut TacksSecurPak Spring Washers ZPMPSSP10357 3.5 x 38mm Bag 35 MPSSP10437 50mm Bag 160gMPSSP10358 3.5 x 50mm Bag 30 MPSSP10438 65mm Bag 160gMPSSP10359 3.5 x 65mm Bag 20 MPSSP10439 75mm Bag 160gMPSSP10360 3.5 x 75mm Bag 12 MPSSP10440 100mm Bag 160gRAPID DELIVERYWe offer a rapid delivery service where in most cases you will receive promptSold in outer of 10 bags.delivery. We deliver to all UK regions atSold in outer of 10 bags.least twice a week. Code Size UnitCode Size Unit MPSSP10512 M6 Bag 30MPSSP10465 19mm Bag 100g MPSSP10513 M8 Bag 20MPSSP10466 25mm Bag 100g MPSSP10514 M10 Bag 15Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 151'