b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESWIRE & NYLON ABRASIVESPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESWIRE & NYLON ABRASIVESBEVEL BRUSHES NYLON FILAMENT BRUSH POLY ABRASIVE DISCSilverline 105872 Bevel BrushSilverline 633557 FilamentSilverline Filament Wheel Silverline (465434) Polycarbide 115mm Flap Brush Abrasive Wheel 75mmNylon threads impregnated with abrasive grit for removal ofSilicon carbide-coated nylon mesh and Use for polishing and removal of rustNylon threads impregnatedcontaminants, rust, paint and scale.alloy arbor. For rust and paint removal, and paint. Contains aluminium oxidewith abrasive grit for removal ofNon-sparking. 6mm dia shank. descaling, deburring and preparation particles (100 grit). M14 x 2 femalecontaminants, rust, paint and scale.Code Size Unit of welding seams. For metal and stone WIRE & NYLON ABRASIVES thread. For angle grinders. MaxNon-sparking. 6mm dia shank.working, cleaning, surface preparation 12,500rpm. 100mm. SIL675087 75mm Each and fabrication tasks. 6.35mm shank. Code Unit SIL589713 100mm Each For use with power drills.Code UnitSIL105872 Each SIL633557 Each Silverline Filament Wheel Fine Code UnitSIL465434 EachSilverline Crimp Bevel Brush Silverline 868566 Filament End Brush 24mm Silverline (980651) Polycarbide Abrasive Disc 100mm 16mm BoreNylon threads impregnated with silicon Crimped bevel brush for removal ofcarbide grit for deburring and surface rust, paint and scale in hard-to-reachtreatment of metal and wood. Non places. M14 x 2 female thread, forsparking. 6mm shank. Max 4500rpm.use with angle grinders.Code Size UnitCode Size Unit Nylon threads impregnated withSIL217842 50mm EachSIL277852 100mm Each abrasive grit for removal of rust,Silicon carbide-coated nylon mesh paint, scale and other contaminants.SIL218250 75mm Each with fibreglass backing disc. Ideal SIL763625 115mm Each Non-sparking. 6mm dia shank. SIL218021 100mm Each for rust, paint and graffitti removal and for cleaning, surface preparation NYLON FILAMENT BRUSH Code Unit and fabrication tasks. Use with angle Silverline Nylon Filamentgrinders. 16mm bore.SIL868566 Each Abrasive Cup Brush CoarseSilverline 190316 De-CarbCode UnitBrush Set 6mm Shank Pack-2 Silverline Filament Cup SIL980651 EachSilverline 583244 Polycarbide Abrasive Disc 100mmNylon threads impregnated with coarse silicon carbide grit for deburring and surface treatment of metal and wood. Non sparking. M14 x 2 female thread.Code Size (mm) UnitNylon threads impregnatedPolycarbide abrasive wheel with Steel wire brushes for removingwith abrasive grit for removal ofSIL217606 75mm Each 6mm shank for removal of rust, paint carbon deposits from enginecontaminants, rust, paint and scale.SIL220410 100mm Each and flaking materials. Made from components. 1 x flat and 1 x pointedNon-sparking. 6mm dia shank. polyurethane coated nylon cord, tip, both 6mm shank for use withPOLY ABRASIVE DISC impregnated with silicon carbide.power drills. Max 4,500rpm. Code Size UnitSIL282419 50mm Each Code UnitCode Unit Silverline (339923)SIL583244 EachSIL190316 Pk 2 SIL395024 75mm Each Polycarbide Abrasive Disc 125mm 22.23mm Bore Silverline 585478 Polycarbide Silverline 221196 FilamentSilverline Filament Cup Fine Abrasive Disc 115mmFlap Brush 100mm FineSilicon carbide-coated nylon meshMounted on plastic backing pad, for with fibreglass backing disc. Idealuse on grinders and sander/polishers. Nylon threads impregnated withNylon threads impregnated withfor rust, paint and graffitti removalFor removal of rust, paint and flaking silicon carbide grit for deburringsilicon carbide grit for deburringand for cleaning, surface preparationmaterials. Made from polyurethane and surface treatment of metal andand surface treatment of metal andand fabrication tasks. Use with anglecoated nylon cord, impregnated with wood. Non sparking. 6mm shank. wood. Non sparking. 6mm shank. grinders. 22.23mm bore. silicon carbide. 22.2mm bore.Code Unit Code Size (mm) Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL221196 Each SIL219245 50mm Each SIL339923 Each SIL585478 Each500 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'