b'POWER TOOLSAIR TOOLSAIR TOOLS POWER TOOLSAIR TOOLSSilverline (372673)Silverline (672976) Mini AirSilverline 196512 Air AngleSilverline 427596 Air Line Recirculating Sandblasting KitSander 2 (50mm) Grinder 4 Filter6pce 03 - 4Bar (43 - 58ps)AIR TOOLSHeavy die-cast construction with steel blade guard. Side handle for greater control. Supplied with Mini air-powered sanding toolgrinding disc, locking and pin capable of an operating speedspanners. Air consumption 4.0cfm.Provides clean, dry, regulated of 15,000min-1. Random orbit for100mm dia disc. Includes 1/4compressed air. Prevents costly a swirl-free finish. Angled 9 bayonet quick connect. damage to air tools caused by scale, Abrasive grit spray gun completehead. Ideal for complex automotiverust and moisture.with 4 x different-sized nozzles.bodywork operations. 50mm hookCode Size Unit Code Unit850ml abrasive canister with easyand loop backing pad aids efficientSIL196512 100mm Eachdetaching for quick refills. Softsanding disc replacement. VariableSIL427596 Eachrubber compound nozzles sealspeed with trigger safety catchSilverline 196536 Suction against flat and contoured surfaces.prevents unintentional operation.Feed Spray Gun 750cc Silverline 245014 Air Filter Ideal for detailed removal such asRear exhaust for quiet operation.Regulator & Lubricator 150mlstone chips. Includes air sandblastIncludes backing pad, shaft gun, 4 x rubber nozzles, 1 x 500glocking tool, and UK and Euro air tube of fine grit and collection bagconnectors. Maximum operating for recycled grit. Includes UK andpressure: 6.3bar (91.3psi). Air European 1/4 air quick connectors. consumption 4cfm.Code Unit Code UnitSIL372673 Each SIL672976 EachSilverline 719770 Air ImpactSilverline (822790) Spray Wrench 1/2 Gun Cleaning Kit 20pceDual-action trigger, adjustable sprayProvides clean, dry, regulated pattern and external mix nozzle.compressed air and lubrication. 750cc pot capacity. Nozzle sizePrevents costly damage to air tools 1.5mm. Includes 6mm (1/4) bayonetcaused by scale, rust and moisture.quick connect. Code UnitCode Size Unit SIL245014 EachSIL196536 750ml EachSilverline 380158 Hobby Silverline Air Blow Gun Airbrush Kit 15ml 6pcIdeal for cleaning spray guns and air brushes. For use with all types of paint thinner. Includes 4 x firm tube brushes, 2 x soft flux brushes,flat High power-to-weight ratio, forwardbrush, super soft dusting brush, 10 and reverse gears, 4-positionx wooden picks, spray gun nozzle adjustable air/torque control andneedle, and spray gun nozzle needle rocking dog clutch mechanism. Airlubricant.consumption 4.0 cfm, torque 312Nm.Air blow gun suitable for cleaning Depth of body 170mm. Square shaft.Code Unit liquid swarf or dust during Includes 6mm (1/4) bayonet quickSIL822790 Each manufacture or assembly work.Simple, single-action trigger airbrush connect. Includes 1/4 bayonet quick connect.for general purpose hobby and model Code Unit Silverline (942944) Air BeltOveralllength of blow gun 140mm,work. Variable pattern and paint flow Sander 10 x 330mm long reach blow gun 230mm. is adjusted by the venturi nozzle. Can SIL719770 Each be powered by propellant canister or Code Size Unit with a compressor if prolonged use SIL456916 140mm Each is required.SIL244970 230mm Each Code UnitSilverline 598446 Air Cut OffSIL380158 EachTool 75mm Silverline 868625 Air Drill StraightVersatile air-powered belt sander with 36 adjustable belt arm. Auto tensioning arm for easy belt installation and adjustment. 995m/min belt speed and maximumIncludes spanner and hex key. operating speed of 16,000rpm.Features protective guard safetyStraight air drill with 10mm keyless Sanding belt size: 10 x 330mm.lock-off and external regulator. Airchuck. Lightweight and compact Maximum operating pressure: 6.3barconsumption 5.0cfm. Includes 1/4design. No load speed 2600rpm. Air (90psi). Air consumption 4cfm. male quick connector. For cuttingconsumption 4.0cfm. Overall length Includes UK and Euro air connectors. disc, order 633551. 200mm.Code Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitSIL942944 Each SIL598446 Each SIL868625 10mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 505'