b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESCORE DRILLSPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESCORE DRILLS COUNTERSINKS & PLUGSCORE DRILL ARBORS CORE DRILL KITS COUNTER SINKS PLUG CUTTERSSilverline SDS Plus Core DrillSilverline 427650 DiamondDisston Screw Digger Screws Disston Plug CutterArbor Core Drill Kit 6pcDisston Screwdiggers fulfil the same function as Screwsinks but the countersinking part can be slid up Arbors fit both 1/2 BSP TCT andand down the drill part of the tool.diamond core drills. Includes ejector F or cutting wood plugs to cover drift to remove taper guide drill. Code Size Unit recessed screw holes to achieve a Heavy duty steel body with diamondTOT5207 Size 6 Each neat finishCode Size Unit dust cutting segments. For dryTOT5208 Size 8 EachF or a perfect grain match use CORE DRILLS, COUNTERSINKS & PLUGS & CUTTING DISCS SIL793793 100mm Each cutting of accurate holes in masonry. an offcut from the timber being SIL124518 200mm Each TOT5209 Size 10 Each pluggedCode Unit TOT5210 Size 12 EachSIL580460 450mm Each SIL427650 Each To ensure an acurate fit we suggest SIL719797 600mm Each you use the same screwdigger from Silverline 792085 Screw Sinkthe Disston brandSilverline 633523 TCT CoreSet 4pcSilverline Hex Core Drill Arbor Drill Kit 30, 50 & 110mm 9pc Code Size UnitTOT5594 Size 6 EachTOT5595 Size 8 EachTOT5596 Size 10 EachTOT5597 Size 12 EachArbors fit both 1/2 BSP TCT and diamond core drills. Includes ejectorSilverline 151219 Plug Cutter drift to remove taper guide drill. Set 4pcCode Size UnitSIL783138 100mm Each Drills pilot, clearance hole and Heavy duty steel body core drillscountersink in one operation for the SIL104283 200mm Each with TCT cutting tips. Ideal formost popular sized screws; 6, 8, 10 cutting clean holes in masonry. and 12 gauge. Includes replaceable CORE DRILL EXTENSIONCode Unit HSS drill.BARS SIL633523 Each Code UnitHilka 49750250 SDS CoreSIL792085 EachDrill Extension 250mm Silverline 868543 Diamond Core Drill Kit 28, 52 & 107mmHINGE DRILLS3pcSilverline 380647 Hinge DrillMakes perfect plugs for counter-Bit Set 2 - 3.6mm 3pc bored holes. Achieves excellent finish when using same timber. Titanium-coated for extended Suitable for use with our range ofworking life. Sizes: 6, 8, 13 and core drills. 16mm. 6 - 16mm.Code Unit Code UnitHIL49750250 Each SIL151219 EachSilverline 859575 Core DrillFor positioning door hinges. UsingCUTTING DISCSExtension Bar 200mm hinges as template, drill directly Heavy duty steel body with diamondthrough the hinge holes. DIAMOND DISCSdust cutting segments. For dryCode Unitcutting of accurate holes in masonry. Dronco Budget Diamond DiscSIL380647 EachCode UnitDesigned for use with arbors toSIL868543 Eachextend drilling depth. Each extension adds an extra 200mm depth. Silverline 868616 Diamond Code Unit Core Drill Kit 5pc (38, 52, 65, SIL859575 Each 117 & 127mm)CORE DRILL GUIDE BITSSilverline Morse Tapered Guide Drill BitSintered, segmented diamond all-round cutting disc at a fair price. Well suitable for concrete, sand- lime Use 8 x 200mm for diamond and 8 xHeavy duty steel body with diamondstone, brick, concrete roofing tiles, 110mm for TCT cores. dust cutting segments. For drylime stone, sand stone.cutting of accurate holes in masonry. ORDER ONLINE Code Size Unit 24HRS A DAYCode Size UnitSIL633556 110mm Each Code Unit DRO4110485 115mm x 22mm EachSIL769992 200mm Each SIL868616 Each www.newtonhale.co.uk DRO4230485 230mm x 22mm Each452 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'