b'GARDENING & OUTDOORMAULSMAULS OIL STONES OUTDOOR HEATING GARDENING & OUTDOORMaul Handle Square Eye 41 Norton India 8x2x1Black Coal Shovel 5 All SteelBronzed Coal Hods Combination Oilstone Handle 23/584mmCode Size UnitHNH830E41 1014mm Each Designed specially for use by carpenters and mechanics. Ideal for Rubber Maul Head Only sharpening dull tools. Produces a keen lasting edge. These stones may be used dry or with oil.MAULS, O RINGS, OIL STONES & OUTDOOR HEATINGCode Size UnitCode Unit Code UnitBULIB8 Each HNHCOAL5 125mm EachHNHBRONZE EachRST RC044 Empty OilstoneBlack Coal Shovel Wood Handle Galvanised Coal Bunker 5CWTRubber maul head only. Box BeechCode UnitCAR10RM00 EachRubber Paving Maul 10lb Beechwood construction Separate lid and baseUK madeCode Unit Code Size UnitBlack H 900 x W 700 x D 700mmRSTRC044 EachDesigned to tap paving slabs whilstHNHCOAL7 7 Each Code Unitleaving them undamaged. HardwoodSilverline 196494 CigarHNHCOAL9 9 Each HNH5CWT EachHandle. Sharpening Stone 300mm GalvanisedCode Unit HNHCOAL9G 9 Each Galvanised Coal Hods 23/584mmCAR10RMEC EachSilverline Coal ShovelSilverline 250495 PavingTapered round sharpening stone, Maul 16lb made from silicon carbide. Ideal for sharpening any axe, scythe or garden tool.Code UnitSIL196494 EachSilverline 993062 Oval Sharpening Stone 225mmHardened rubber head, for concreteTraditional black coal shovel. kerbs, flagstones and brickConstructed from a single piece of steelCode Unitpavior installation, resilient andfor strength and durability. Opening forHODHNHGALV Eachhardwearing. optional fitment of a wooden handle Boat-shaped, combination(compatible with Silverline 479573 and Code Unit sharpening stone. 746719 handles). Kiln Dried KindlingSIL250495 Each Code Unit Code Size UnitSIL993062 Each SIL633718 100mm EachO RINGSStanley 0-16-050 SharpeningSIL868704 150mm EachHilka 79551841 O Ring SetSet Premium Paraffin 4L419pcCode UnitHNHKINDLING EachSeasoned Softwood Logs Contains Honing Guide, oilstone and white oil For use in Greenhouse heaters and Guides the user to achieve akerosene lamps. Dyed to European precise sharp edge that is squarespecification and with a low sulphur Covers 32 metric sizes. suitable forto the blade content. Premium Paraffin is refined garage, workshop and plumbing. In Angle setting gauge with presetto BS2869 C1 and may be used in allspecially designed case. markings25, 30 or 35 appliances recommending this. (approx weight 5kg)Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitHIL79551841 Each STA016050 Each HNHPAR4 Each HNHLOGS EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 173'