b'HAND TOOLSSAWS & BLADESHAND TOOLSSAWS & BLADESHACKSAWS HAND SAWSSilverline 515859 Hacksaw CloseStanley 1-15-122 Hacksaw Eclipse 40PG30 HandymanCK T0840 Sabretooth Trade Quarter250-300mm Blade Hacksaw With Pistol Grip Wood Saw Universal 22 tpiSAWS & BLADESDie-cast aluminium soft-grip handle. Takes conventional and broken blades. Solid steel frame for strength Code Unit and long life. Screwed moulded black handle to ensure virtuallyTraditional Pistol Grip hacksaw SIL515859 Each unbreakable bond with blade. frame suitable for cutting mostFeaturing triple ground turbo cut metals. Solid flat steel section steelhardpoint teeth, the Sabretooth Silverline SW30 HacksawCode Unit bow frame with pistol grip die castTrade saws offer advanced cutting Heavy Duty 300mm STA115122 Each handle. performance and an extended working life.Stanley 1-20-110 DynagripCode Unit Code UnitHacksaw NEI40PG30 EachCEKT084022 EachEclipse 70-675R Mini Saw Eclipse 72-66XR General Purpose Saw 465mm (18.1/4)General purpose 300mm hacksaw with cast aluminium handle and square section steel frame. Simple wing nut blade tensioner.Code Unit Bi-material ergonomic frame andGeneral purpose saw for cutting handle for superior comfort andthrough wood, plastics and soft SILSW30 Each grip. 80kg permanent blade tensionA more substantial version of the - faster cutting. Junior hacksaw with plastic mouldedmetals (such as nails). Polyester Silverline SW31 Hacksaw Highpistol grip handle, steel frame andcoated blade and diecast 9 position Code Unit handle to enable cutting in difficult Tension 300mm Eclipse blade. Blade tensioningpositions.STA120110 Each device incorporated in the handle.Code UnitStanley 1-20-531 FatmaxCode Unit NEI72-66XR EachHacksaw NEI70-675R EachEclipse 73-66SR General HAND SAWS Purpose Saw Blades 375mm 10tpi300mm cast aluminium handleBahco 244 Hardpoint Saw with high-tensionblade tightening22mechanism. Rubber grip handle.Code Unit A selection of small saw blades to SILSW31 Each The Stanley FatMax Hacksaw hassuit most applications.a durable die cast aluminium bodyCode UnitStanley 0-20-108 Fatmax 5 Inthat is both lightweight and strong. 1 Hacksaw It has a thumb grip for a moreNEI73-66SR Eachaccurate cut, and a bi-material soft grip for comfort. The 244 is the best selling hard pointHilka 45700022 Hand Saw Cutting capacity: 12cm (5 inch) saw in the UK. This blue handledSoft Grip 22Tension: 150kg saw is used by joiners, carpenters,Supplied with a bi-metal blade (24builders, decking specialists, tpi) contractors, tradespeople and DIYers all over the UK.Code Size UnitSTA120531 430mm Each Code Size Unit This hard point saw is made of Standard position is a 90 hacksaw with large throat depth. BAH24422 559mm Each high quality steel and fitted with Timco Onix Lightweightcomfortable two component soft Code Unit Hacksaw 12 (300mm) Bahco 244P Barracuda Sawgrip handle. Packed with colour STA020108 Each 22 display sleeve.Code Size UnitStanley 0-20-807 Utility MiniHIL45700022 559mm EachSawHilka Hand Saw 22Toughened steel frame with an ergonomic rubber handle, includesThe Bahco 244+ Barracuda Handsaw Metal mini saw ideal for small areasone 24 TPI bi-metal blade. Greenis a high quality general purpose with limited access. Fine adjustmentmatt paint finish. Changeable cuttinghardpoint saw suitable for cutting of the blade length gives greaterangles (0 and 90). Easy changesoftwood, worktops, chipboard andDouble ground for fast cutting.range of applications. blade system. MDF. Code Desc. UnitCode Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit HIL45750722 7 tpi EachSTA020807 Each TIM12HSF Each BAHBARRACUDA 559mm Each HIL45751122 11 tpi Each292 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'