b'HAND TOOLSKNIVES & BLADESKNIVES & BLADES LEVELS HAND TOOLSKNIVES LASER LEVELSStanley 010819 FatmaxStanley 2-10-122 TitanStanley 2-10-550 Titan Knife Silverline 273233 Rotary Xtreme Retractable Knife Retractable Knife Laser Level Kit 30m RangeKNIVES & BLADES & LEVELS L ightweight aluminium bodyLight weight aluminium body combining ease of use and durability combining ease of use andBrass wheel blade lock for positive Strong high quality brass wheel fordurability blade lock efficient locking of the blade Strong high quality brass wheel forDie cast aluminium housing for Ideal for precision cutting of theefficient locking of the blade strength and durability most flexible to the most resistant Ideal for precision cutting of the F ast blade change materials (paper, cardboard, plastic,most flexible to the most resistantProjects a solid laser line up to Supplied with 10 spare blades leather) materials (paper, cardboard, plastic,10m or a laser dot up to 30m away. leather) Revolving action and variable speed.Supplied with 5 blades Kit includes rotary laser head, 3 Code UnitSupplied with 3 heavy duty blades x high precision vials, aluminium STA010819 Each Code Unit Code Unit tripod and carry case. Requires 4 x C STA210122 Each 1.5V batteries (not included).Stanley 1-10-550 Titan KnifeSTA210550 Each& Holder Stanley 2-10-199 Grey KnifeCode Unit(199e) LEVELS SIL273233 EachLASER LEVELS Silverline 394965 Gradient Laser Level 600mmDewalt DW088K-XJ Cross Line Red Laser Zinc alloy body with a groovedsurface for comfortable, assured holding For setting gradients on patios, Light weight aluminium body Over lapping nose blade lockingguttering, drains and roofs. combining ease of use and durability.Machined finish magnetic base and Supplied with 3 heavy duty blades. system for greater safety duringhanging holes. Requires 2 x AAA cutting batteries (not included).Code UnitKnife supplied with an assortmentSTA110550 Each of 5 blades Code UnitCode Unit SIL394965 EachStanley 1-10-601 ThrowawaySTA210199 EachHorizontal, vertical and cross line Knife15m range Silverline 427637 Digital Angle Level 320mmStanley 3-10-099 Retractable 3 x AA size alkaline batteriesKnife (99e) included Wall mount bracketHeavy duty carrying case Code Unit Disposable craft knife for precisionDEWDW088K-XJ Each Measures angles quickly andwork accurately up to 220. Large easy- A tapered plastic body allowsread LCD display. Calculates mitre Silverline 245028 Self precision blade control The one and only original Stanleyangles greater than 90. Vertical Blades protected by a plastic guardretractable knife Levelling Laser Line Kit 10m and horizontal spirit levels. Durable for long lifeInterlock nose firmly secures bladeconstruction with recessed digital panel and spirit levels. Memory-hold Supplied with 5901 blade into knife function for easy transfer of angles.Precision die cast zinc body both Angle measurement accuracy Code Unit strong and lightweights0.5, spirit level accuracy 1mm/m. STA110601BOX Box 505 blade positions allows widerRequires 1 x PP3 (9V) (not included). usage for variety of cutting Stanley 1-98-456 Instantapplications Code UnitChange Retractable Knife Code Unit SIL427637 EachSTA210099 Each Silverline 598477 Mini Laser Stanley 499 RetractableLevel 210mmBlade Knife Ergonomic bi-material body - forprecise guiding of the cut andSelf-levelling laser projects vertically comfort of use or horizontally. Self-levellingQuick blade change through simplemounting system ensures accurate set-up every time. Laser headHandy laser level with projection pressure on yellow button can be rotated through 360 torange of up to 30m. 2 x highIncreased blade storage, can store allow continuous level to be taken.precision vials and magnetic base up to 8 regular duty utility blades Retractable blade knife with severalAdjustable tripod and blow-mouldedmake this a superb one-man toolMetal body for heavy duty use positions storage case. Requires 2 x AAfor setting out. Requires 2 x AAA Large thumb pad for more controlSupplied with 3 heavy duty blades batteries (not included). batteries (not included). Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSTA198456 Each STA010499 Each SIL245028 Each SIL598477 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 255'