b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESPOWER TOOL BLADESPOWER TOOL BLADES POWER TOOL CHISELS POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESPOWER SAW BLADES 1.1/8 HEX SHANK CHISELS KANGO CHISELSSilverline 427542 ReciproTriton (465874) ReciproSilverline 515779 SDS PlusSilverline Kango K9 ChiselSabre Saw Blades 150mmSaw Blade Set 10pce 150 &Hex Chisel Set 17mm Pack-318tpi 240mmUse for straight and fine cuts inForged steel. 21mm hex shank.metal. 1.4mm tooth pitch. UniversalCode Size Unitshank. SIL228532 25 x 380mm EachCode Unit Strong 17mm hex steel bar SIL427542 Pk 5 construction. Fits all SDS PlusSilverline Kango K9 Pointmachines. Includes 20mm, 40mm POWER TOOL BLADES, POWER TOOL BULBS & POWER TOOL CHISELSand point chisels.Silverline 456919 Recipro Sabre Saw Blades 150mmHandy set of the most popular sizesCode Unit18tpi for cutting wood and metal. IncludesSIL515779 Each3 x TT922AF, 4 x TT644D and 3 x TT1531L. Compatible with standardSilverline 633765 Hex Point 1/2 connection recip saws. Forged steel. 21mm hex shank.Chisel 1.1/8Code Unit Code Size UnitSIL465874 Each SIL394978 380mm EachSCROLL SAW BLADES Silverline Kango K9 Wide ChiselSilverline Scroll Saw Blades Use for straight and fine cuts in non- 130mm Forged steel. 29mm hex shank. ferrous metal. 1.4mm tooth pitch.380mm.Universal shank.Code Unit Code UnitSIL456919 Pk 5 SIL633765 EachForged steel. 21mm hex shank.Silverline 598431 ReciproSilverline 793781 SDS Plus Sabre Saw Blade 150mm 6tpi 130mm length scroll saw blades. ForHex Angled Tile ChiselCode Size Unitcutting wood and plastics. 250mm SIL277854 50 x 300mm EachCode Size Unit SIL794322 75 x 300mm EachSIL783170 10tpi Pk 10SDS MAX CHISELSSIL793823 14tpi Pk 10SIL763619 21tpi Pk 10 Silverline SDS Max ChiselSIL580485 24tpi Pk 10 Forged steel. 17mm hex shank.POWER TOOL BULBS Code UnitSIL793781 EachFor curved, fine and fast cuts inMakita A30542 18v Bulbs wood. 4.2mm tooth pitch. UniversalPack-2 Silverline 868735 Hex Chisel shank. 1.1/8 Forged steel. 18mm round shank.Code Unit Code Size UnitSIL598431 Pk 5 SIL783112 50 x 300mm EachSIL793768 75 x 300mm EachSilverline 783087 Recipro Sabre Saw Blades Set 150mm SDS PLUS CHISELSCode Unit Forged steel. 29mm hex shank. 40GMC (383567) SDS Plus x 400mm. Chisel Set 4pce 250mmMAKA-30542 Pk 2Code UnitSIL868735 EachSilverline TCT SDS Plus Hex Flat ChiselHardened drop-forged steel chisels with 15mm hex shank and shot blast finish. For general breaking and 3 x 150mm 18tpi, 1.4mm tooth pitchdemolition work. Can be used on all for straight and fine cuts in metal; masonry, stone, brick and concrete. 4 x 150mm 6tpi, 4.2mm tooth pitchCompatible with all SDS plus drills. for curved, fine, fast cuts in wood; 3Includes 21 and 40 x 250mm chisels, x 240mm 5tpi, 4-6.5mm tooth pitch250mm point chisel, and 25 x for pruning green wood and roots. A WIDE RANGETungsten carbide-tipped flat chisel. 250mm gouging chisel.OF PRODUCTS TO Code Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitSUIT YOUR NEEDS SIL383567 EachSIL783087 Pk 10 SIL675285 20 x 280mm EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 485'