b'GARDENING & OUTDOORSHOVELSSHOVELS GARDENING & OUTDOOROPEN SOCKET OTHER SHOVELS ROUND MOUTH SQUARE MOUTHSilverline GT30 No 2 ShovelSilverline 239586 IrishBulldog 5RM2AM All SteelBulldog 000 Wood T Handle with PD Handle 1080mm Shovel 1620mm Round Mouth Shovel ShovelHammer-finished, heat-treated,5202* Type: hardwood shafted. pressed steel head and lacqueredSolid forged from one piece of steelHandle type: T-hardwood. Shaft: hardwood handle with dome end.to give maximum strength, thishardwood. Blade material: steel, V-shaped head and pointed blade forshovel is designed to be the workepoxy coated. Size 000 Blade width: Suitable for shovelling, mixing andimproved penetration. Long handlehorse of the contractors range. The200mm. Blade height: 265mm. SHOVELSbackfilling trenches. Open socketfor greater leverage. Blade L x W:round mouth blade enables theOverall length: 910mm.with D-handle. 350 x 240mm. Head weight 1.28kg. shovel to break into aggregate andCode Unitreduce the amount of effort needed. Code Unit Code Unit Perfect for digging, excavating andBUL5202032810 EachSILGT30 Each SIL239586 Each shovelling grain, sand, earth and other loose material. Bulldog 5SM2AM Square All Size 2 Budget Open SocketPLASTIC SHOVELS Code Unit Steel ShovelYard Shovel BUL5RM2AM EachGorilla (119/1PPY) Polypropylene Shovel Long DSilverline 633533 Forged Handle Yellow Round Mouth Shovel 1100mmA heavy-duty all steel square mouth contractors shovel. Solid forged blade and socket correctly tempered for strength. It has a metal YD handle with wooden cross piece. Ideal for trench work, concrete mixing, tarmac and shovelling.Code Unit Solid, single piece plastic shovelHeavy-duty solid forged head withCode UnitHNHCT0091 Each made from a very thick, high qualitytubular steel shaft and MYD handle.plastic. Designed for builders,BUL5SM2AM EachCode UnitOTHER SHOVELS complies with all EU manufacturing standards. SIL633533 Each Bulldog 5SM2T Square Wood Handle ShovelBulldog Premium WestCode Unit Silverline GT36 Swan-Neck Country Shovel GOR1191PPY Each Shovel 1300mmREPLACEMENT HANDLESBent Taper Shovel PYD HandleThe ideal tool for shoveling out or 28 backfilling trenches, concrete mixing, working tarmac and moving cement Long handle for long reach, avoidingchippings etc. With unvarnished the need to bend. Ideal for movinghardwood shaft for strength and sand, gravel and loose materials. durability. Hand forged from a solid This traditional shaped shovel hasCode Size Unit piece of steel.a pointed blade making collectionHNH867E28 711mm Each Code Unit Code Unitof aggregate and soil much easier.SILGT36 EachLong straight ash handle. BUL5SM2T EachBent Taper Shovel T-Handle 28Code Unit Spear & Jackson 2001ADBulldog Square Mouth No2 BUL2309 Each Round All Steel Shovel MYD Shovel Plastic D Wood HandleSilverline (283478) Frankfurter No.5 Shovel HeadCode Size Unit330 x 260mm (1kg) HNH862E28 711mm EachStraight Taper Shovel PYD Handle 28 Plastic D Handle. Solid forged head. A solid forged heavy duty shovelUnvarnished ash shafts.with pointed blade for easier penetration into the ground. Code UnitCode Unit BUL2SM2PD EachCode Size Unit NEI2001AD Each Carter All Steel Square Mouth Powder-coated, hardened andHNH865E28 711mm Each Shoveltempered steel. For digging, lifting and moving materials such as soil,Straight Taper Shovel coal, gravel, sand and more. SuitableT-Handle 28for agricultural, construction and gardening work. Overlapping socket with 40mm inner dimension and slot for handle attachment. Weight 1kg. TOP BRANDS AT LOW TRADE Code Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitSIL283478 Each HNH860E28 711mm Each PRICES CARSSSQ EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 181'