b'PLIERS, WRENCHES & CUTTERSPLIERS, WRENCHES &PLUMBING & ENGINEERING DEKTONCUTTERSDekton DT30310 Drain RodDekton DT30350 DrainDekton DT30410 Needle File Dekton Pipe Slicer Set 12pc Cleaner Set 6pcPLIERS, WRENCHES & CUTTERS & PLUMBING & ENGINEERINGIncludes 10 drain rods, 100mm rubber plunger and 50mm double worm screw.Includes heavy duty Copper pipe cutter ideal for tightstorage bag. For general domestic spaces. Easy and fast cutting.usage and plumbing. Crimped and Durable hardened steel. For tightpinned universal joints simply screw6 piece set with storage case. spaces and one handed operation.together. Zinc end connections. Hardened and tempered bearing Ideal for making clean cuts in coppersteel. No.2 cut files. Anti-slip Fully plates steel probe withsoft grip handles. File types: Flat pipes. Code Unit corkscrew end and integrated handleparallel, Flat taper, Half round, Three Code Size Unit DEKDT30310 Each for easy unblocking of drains. 6mmsquare, Square and Round. Ideal for DEKDT30113 15mm Each diameter spring. 1.8M long. Madeprecision work.Dekton DT30330 Superfrom spring steel. Code UnitDEKDT30115 22mm Each PlungerCode Unit DEKDT30410 EachDekton DT30116 Pipe SlicerDEKDT30350 EachBlades 2pc Dekton DT30450 Needle File Dekton DT30392 4 WaySet 10pcUtility KeySuitable for Dekton Tube Cutters DT30110/DT30112. For use with 15mm/22mm pipe cutters.Code UnitDEKDT30116 Each Clears tough clogs with ease.Hardened steel. Anti-slip soft grip Includes 2 interchangeable suctionSuitable for radiators, gas meterhandles. Ideal for precision work.Dekton DT30190 Vinyl Pipecups. Ideal for unclogging sinks,doors and plumbing. Ideal forCode UnitCutter toilets, bathtubs and showers. Strongplumbing applications: Radiator compression chamber for extraDEKDT30450 Eachbleeding, Stop cocks.suction. 2 attachments for small andCode Unit Dekton DT30460 Sure Grip large drain cleaning. Flat Engineers FileDEKDT30392 EachCode UnitDEKDT30330 Each Dekton DT30405 Engineers File Set 5pcDekton DT30340 Drain Blaster With Four AttachmentsDouble cut for easier filing. Anti-slip soft grip handles. Ideal for most metal surfaces.Adjustable opening. For DIY andCode Unitprofessional use. Cuts up to 42mmDEKDT30460 Eachpipes. Rust resistant body. Heavy duty body with hardened blade. 11Dekton DT30462 Sure Grip step ratchet action for ease of use. Half Round Engineers FileCode UnitDEKDT30190 EachComplete filing set with 5 of the most popular sized and shaped Clears blockages without usingblades. Double cut for easier filing. Anti-slip soft grip handles. Includes: harsh chemicals. Pump action200mm x 18mm flat file. 200mm PROVIDINGpower pressure cleaner. Injects ax 10mm triangular file. 200mm x high pressure blast of water into18mm half round file. 200mm x 7mmDouble cut for easier filing. Anti-slip PROFESSIONALwaste pipe. Removes blockages fast.square file. 200mm x 56.mm roundsoft grip handles. Ideal for most PRODUCTS ATIncludes 4 adaptors. rasp. metal surfaces.COMPETITIVE Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitPRICING DEKDT30340 Each DEKDT30405 Each DEKDT30462 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 9'