b'DECORATINGDECORATORS FILLERSDECORATINGDECORATORS FILLERS DUST SHEETSWOOD FILLER Everbuild Polythene DustEverbuild Roll & Stroll Hard Sheet 12 x 9 Surface Protector 25mRonseal Expanding Foam Filler Ronseal 4721 Colron Wood Filler 125mlDECORATORS FILLERS, DECORATORS SHIELD & DUST SHEETSColron Wood Filler is specially formulated to give a hard, knockHeavy duty polythene dust sheet, Perfect for any size hole and difficultresistant finish when filling cracksperfect for painting. Protects fromUltimate self adhesive floor to reach areas inside or outside yourand holes in wood. Once dry, simplypaint spills, splashes, dirt andprotection, works on all hard home. The trigger applicator is easysand then stain, varnish or paintdust. Ideal for covering all types ofsurfaces such as timber, laminate, to use and reduces any excess soover. furniture and floors. ceramic floors and worktops.you wont be left with a messy finish. Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitCode Size Unit RON4721 Each EVEPOLYDUST Each EVEROLLHARD20 EachRON36780 300ml EachRON36781 500ml Each Rustins Plastic Wood 30g Everbuild Roll & StrollCotton Twill Dust SheetPremium Carpet ProtectorRonseal 3 in 1 Mould Killer 500mlCode Colour UnitRUSPWNATU Natural Each Professional cotton twill dust sheet. RUSPWOATU Oak Each Ideal for protecting furniture and RUSPWTETU Teak Each floors while decorating.Code Size UnitSilverline Flexible Filler &Ultimate self adhesive carpetHNHCOTTON129 12 x 9 EachGrout Mixing Bowl protection system. With the adhesiveHNHCOTTON1212 12 x 12 Eachcoating on the outside Roll & Stroll Premium Carpet Protector is easy toHNHCOTTON243 24 x 3 Eachunwind, safer than dustsheets and Fast-acting and kills mould onhas a multitude of uses across all contact, all you need to do is spray ittrade sectors. Laminated Back Dust Sheet on and wipe it off. 3 in 1 Mould Killer12 x 9is suitable for bare or previouslyCode Size Unitpainted walled and ceilings. EVEROLL20 25m EachCode Unit EVEROLL75 75m EachRON36963 EachEverbuild Contract Roll & Ronseal 37553 HighStrollPerformance Wood Filler PuttyFlexible polypropylene mixing bowl Natural 26g for the preparation of fillers, grout, plaster and adhesives. Ideal for useLAMINATED BACK DUST SHEET 12 by builders, decorators, artists andx 9craft enthusiasts. Code UnitCode Size Unit HNHLAMINTAD129 EachSIL937896 0.8L EachFit For Job Poly Dust Sheets DECORATORS SHIELD 12 x 9Silverline 349035 Paint Shield 450mm Roll and Stroll Contract Carpet Protector is the ultimate clear self adhesive carpet protection system. A high performance wood filler thatWith the adhesive coating on the lasts for years even when exposedoutside Roll and Stroll Contract to harsh weather conditions. It canCarpet Protector is easy to unwind, fill to any depth and dries in just 30safer than dustsheets and has a minutes. Its tough formula means itmultitude of uses across all trade wont shrink or crack. sectors. Totally waterproof Roll and Code Unit Stroll Contract Carpet Protector Creates a neat line when painting,protects against paint spillage, and RON37553 Each protects glass, wallpaper and tiles.is tough enough not to tear or rip. Masks 45 and 90 angles andClear Branded Film. Disposable high density polythene straight edge. Code Size Unit dust sheets.Code Unit EVEROLLCON100 600mm x 100m Each Code UnitSIL349035 Each EVEROLLCON50 600mm x 50m Each RODJTJDS3P Pk 374 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'