b'HAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLS HAND TOOLSDRAIN & PIPE CLEANERSBailey 1853 Sweeps Brush 16 Dickie Dyer (380944) FlueHilka 67606002 CleaningMonument 1368U Test Plugs Brush Set 3pce - 11.029 Brush Set 7 6pc 15mm & 22mm Pack-2PLUMBERS TOOLSNylon bristles and coiled steel handles. Ideal for accessing awkward areas. AllUsed for blocking off small pipes Drain and sweeps brushes withbrushes have protective tips to avoidsuch as copper for dry testing prior bristles in wooden stock. Use forscratching. Set includes: 1 x 50mmto commissioning.Set of 2 plugs - brick chimneys and coal burningdiameter brush, 1 x 50mm x 30mm flat15mm & 22mm. Display packed.applications. brush, and 1 x 15mm diameter brush. Code UnitCode Size Unit Code Unit MON1368U EachBAI1853 16 (400mm) Each SIL380944 EachCleaning brush set includes 2 eachMonument 1453E Coopers Bailey 5430 Drain Rod Set InDickie Dyer (991866) Drainof brass, steel and nylon. Brass forPlungera Blue Bag Down Hose Kit 4pce 10m -cleaning, steel for rust and nylon for 11.092 upholstery and dashboard.Code Size UnitHIL67606002 7 (180mm) EachKingfisher Wooden Handled Sink Drain PlungerHigh quality, no-kink natural rubberMonument Suction or Coopers hose. Ideal for dry and clean drainingPlunger are ideal for clearing WC of heating systems before repair orpan wastes and gullies, with soft Include 30 feet of the finest Baileymaintenance. Finger-tightened vinyl- flexible rubber and wooden tee Blue Rods with varying tool options. dipped hose clip and 2 x hook-and-loophandle. Size: 140mm (5 1/2 in).Code Unit transport and storage ties. CompatibleCode UnitBAI5430 Each with most radiators. Length x bore x wall thickness: 10m x 1/2 x 1/8. MON1453E EachBailey Drain Test Bung Code Unit Traditional wooden handled sinkMonument 1458T Large Sink SIL991866 Each drain plunger. Features rubber cup. PlungerHilka 20418006 WastepipeCode Size UnitCleaner BONWOODP1 4.5 (11cm) EachBONWOODP2 5 (13cm) EachMonument 1260S Flourescein Drain DyeCentre locking drain test plugs.Code Size UnitMonument force cups or plungers BAI1960 4 (100mm) Each are used to remove blockages from BAI1961 6 (150mm) Each Easy to use. 180mm x 6mm. Clearsbath and sink waste pipes by building blocked pipes and sinks. up the air pressure. Size: 120mm Bailey Rubber Plunger forCode Size Unit (4.3/4 in).Drain Rod HIL20418006 72 (1800mm) Each Code Size UnitMON1458T Large EachHilka 20500012 Drain Rod Set 12pc Monument 1460Y Handy For tracing the direction of flowPlungeror to where a drain pipe runs. The recommended dilution rate is one pot of dye (approx. 230g) to 9 litres of water. The liquid is then use at aBuilds up pressure of water whichrate of 140ml-250ml per 450 litres, forces obstruction clear depending on the ground conditions. One pot (approx. 230g) of drain dye The plunger complete with rubberwill treat 28,800 litres at 140ml per and leather washers (C/W R/L)Suitable for clearing domestic drains. 450 litres and up to 16,200 litresBlack plastic one piece Handy enables the rubber plunger disc toComes with 10 rods, 100mm rubberat 250ml per 450 litres. FluorescesPlunger is for unblocking and be removed and replaced plunger and 50mm double workunder black light. Does not requirerelieving slow running wastes in Code Size Unit screw. Fits other accessories. UV light. small wash basins and urinals.BAI1751 4 (100mm) Each Code Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitBAI1752 6 (150mm) Each HIL20500012 Each MON1260S 4oz Each MON1460Y EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 271'