b'SECURITYSECURITY DEKTONDekton DT70310 CombinationDekton DT70380 U-Lock Dekton DT71070 50mmDekton DT71210 5 Digit Bike Lock 8mm X 650mm Weather Resistant HighCombination Cable Lock & Security Padlock Holder 12x1500mmHARDWARE & SECURITYUltra strong steel U-lock. Splashproof keyhole cover preventsWeather resistant steel laminated water and mud damage. IncludesCable lock with holder. 5 digit 2 keys and quick release carryingpadlock. 50mm. combination. 12 x 1500mm.bracket. 295mm x 195mm x 260mm.Code Unit Code UnitUltra strong. Weather and scratchIdeal for bikes, scooters andDEKDT71070 Eachresistant. Self coiling cable. 8mmmotorbikes. DEKDT71210 Eachx 650mm long. Includes keylessCode Unit Dekton Closed Shackle HighDekton DT95710 Puncture combination lock. Ideal for bikes,DEKDT70380 Each Security Padlockscooters and motorbikes. Repair KitCode Unit Dekton DT71010 4 Digit DEKDT70310 Each 50mm Combination Padlock Zinc AlloyDekton DT70335 Cable Bike Lock 12mm X 1mClosed shackle. High security padlock. 50mm.Complete puncture repair set in a Code Size Unit handy case. Ideal for quick and easy High security padlock. 4 digitDEKDT71080 50mm Each repairs on the move. Includes: 4 cold combination. DEKDT71085 60mm Each patches, 2 levers, Rubber glue, Steel file, 2 valve covers, 2 valve cores.Code UnitDekton DT71100 4 DigitCode UnitDEKDT71010 Each Combination Key Safe Box DEKDT95710 EachDekton DT71015 4 Digit 50mm High Security Ultra strong. Weather and scratchCombination Padlockresistant. Self coiling cable. 12mm X 1m. Includes 2 keys. Ideal for bikes, scooters and motorbikes. ORDER ONLINE Code Unit 24HRS A DAY DEKDT70335 Each www.newtonhale.co.ukDekton DT70340 Heavy Duty Bike Lock 15mm X 900mm Wall mounted key lock box. Keep your keys safe. Great security.HARDWAREWaterproof and rustproof. Sturdy High security combination padlock.aluminium alloy. Dekton DT70400 Multi 4 digit. Purpose Blue Rope 6mm X Code UnitCode Unit DEKDT71100 Each 15mDEKDT71015 EachDekton DT71200 4 Digit Dekton DT71020 80mmCombination Cable Lock & Armoured High SecurityHolder 10x1200mmPadlockUltra strong weather and scratch resistant self coiling cable.Multi-purpose rope for general use. Splashproof keyhole cover preventsHeavy duty, rot and tear resistant. water and mud damage. Includes 2Cable lock with holder. 4 digit15 metres long. 1/4" thick. Assorted keys. 15mm thickness. 900mm long. Armoured steel. 80mm. combination. 10 x 1200mm. colours.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitDEKDT70340 Each DEKDT71020 Each DEKDT71200 Each DEKDT70400 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 21'