b'HAND TOOLSPLIERS & SNIPSHAND TOOLSPLIERS & SNIPSINSULATED PLIERS LONG NOSE PLIERS MOLE GRIP & LOCKING PLIERSStanley VDE Long Nose Pliers Hilka Soft Grip Long NoseSilverline Expert Long Nose Pliers Pliers Dickie Dyer (376947) Self Grip Pliers CRV 250mm / 10 - 18.011PLIERS & SNIPSHeavy duty chrome vanadium steel. Bi-material handle with secureHardened and tempered jaws. 2-tone grip grooving. Heat treated highsoft-grip handles with slip guards.chrome steel forging for long lifeCode Size Unitand durability. Safe live line workingHigh quality carbon steel with soft to 1,000v. grip handles excellent for continuousSIL656590 6 (150mm) Eachworking. Fully heat treated. SIL580436 8 (200mm) Each Corrosion-resistant, chrome Code Length Unit vanadium steel pliers with easy STA084006 160mm Each Code Size Unit Silverline Long Nose Pliers screw adjustment for controlled grip. STA084007 200mm Each HIL26100206 6 Each Powerful locking action and quick-HIL26100208 8 Each release levers.LONG NOSE PLIERS Code UnitIrwin 10505504 Heavy Duty Eclipse Long Nose PlierLong Nose Pliers 8 SIL376947 Each160mm Hardened and tempered serrated jaws with induction-hardened cuttingEclipse Curved Jaw Locking edges. Moulded plastic handles withPlier with Wire Trimmerslip guards.Code Size UnitSIL633653 160mm EachSILPL08 200mm EachLong grip jaws - groove directionLong tapering jaws for gripping in Induction hardened cutting face - Silverline Long Reach confined spaces and side cutter forto stay sharper longer cutting medium hard wire.Fine jawElectronics Pliersends for gripping and manoeuvringCable cutter - Up to1,6 mm small objects. Serrated jaws for extracables Wear resistant serrated andChromium nickel steel - for grip. Induction hardened cuttinghardened jaws provide a firm grip edges for cutting medium hard wire.improved durability on the grippingBody and jaws made from high Ergonomic soft feel handles and cutting face grade chrome molybdenum steelMoulded 2-component handle -Chrome vanadium high carbon steel,to withstand heavy duty workingCode Unit comfortable, pull-resistant handles hardened and tempered with induction- conditions, such as welding and NEIPW5836/11 Each hardened cutting edges and soft-griphammer strikes. Guarded release Code Size Unit vinyl handles. Length 280mm. trigger protects against accidental Hilka 26100600 Mini LongNEW10505504 8 (200mm) Each Code Size Unit release whilst also enabling the Nose Plier Soft Grip Bent Long Reach tool to be quickly unlocked when Silverline 250374 Long Noserequired. Screw adjusts to fit the Mini Pliers 130mm SIL918526 11 (280mm) Each work piece and exerts a pressure Straight Long Reach that is maintained even after repetitive use.SIL993033 11 (280mm) EachCode Size UnitSilverline VDE Expert LongNEIE5WR 5 EachNose Pliers NEIE7WR 7 EachHigh quality drop forged carbonNEIE10WR 10 Eachsteel with soft grip handles. Hardened and tempered carbon Code Unit steel jaws, for accurate and delicateEclipse Locking C-Clamps 11 work. 2-tone soft-grip handles withRegular PadsHIL26100600 Each return springs for repetitive tasks. High-quality drop-forged chrome vanadium. 2-tone soft-grip handles Hilka 26600008 Long NoseCode Unit with slip guards. Individually tested Plier 8 SIL250374 Each to 10,000V. Conforms to DIN EN60900 (VDE4000 9659).Silverline 250388 NeedleCode Size UnitNose Mini Pliers 155mm SIL633651 160mm EachStanley 0-89-870 Fatmax Long Nose Pliers Wear resistant serrated and hardened jaws provide a firm grip. High quality pliers finished inGuarded release trigger protects micro (nickel chrome) platingagainst accidental release whilst for corrosion protection. The 2also enabling the tool to be quickly Component comfort grips areunlocked when required. Screw excellent for continuous working.Hardened and tempered carbonadjusts to fit the work piece and Induction hardened cutting edgessteel jaws, for accurate and delicateHand ground, induction hardenedexerts a pressure that is maintained give continuous performance. Openwork. 2-tone soft-grip handles withblade for long life and high qualityeven after repetitive use. Jaw blister card packaging. return springs for repetitive tasks. accuracy. Capacity 80mm (3.1/8).Code Size Unit Code Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitHIL26600008 8 (200mm) Each SIL250388 Each STA089870 8 Each NEIE11R Each264 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'