b'HAND TOOLSSCREWDRIVERSHAND TOOLSSCREWDRIVERS SCRIBERSTORX SCREWDRIVERS VDE SCREWDRIVERS Eclipse 76-229R HandyPriory 127 Engineers ScribersScriber 7General Purpose ScrewdriverHilka 33100600 VDE TRX Screwdriver Set 6pcOne piece construction single ended scriber for marking all metals.SCREWDRIVERS & SCRIBERS Double ended with pointed andCode Unitknife-edge ends.PRI127 EachHardened and tempered chromeCode Unitvanadium shanks with satin finishNEI76-229R Each Priory 129 Combination shafts and chemically-blackenedScribersmagnetic tips. Polymer over- Eclipse E220 Pocket Scribermoulded soft-grip ergonomic handles for excellent control and torque transition. Colour-coded for easy tip recognition.Code Size Unit Includes 3 (75mm) x2.5mm , 4The knife edge is ideal for marking (100mm) x 4.0mm, 5 (125mm) x 5.5.Reversible point prevents tearingwood, plastic and laminates.SIL243889 T10 x 75mm Each 3 (75mm) x No 0, 4 (100mm) No1and snagging of clothing whenCode UnitSIL244377 T15 x 100mm Each and No2. clipped in a pocket. PRI129 EachSIL244578 T20 x 100mm Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL244703 T25 x 100mm Each HIL33100600 Each NEIE220 Each Silverline (777515) Double-SIL244753 T27 x 100mm Each Ended Scriber 165mmSIL244769 T30 x 115mm Each Hilka VDE InsulatedEclipse E222 Engineers Screwdriver Soft Grip ScriberTURBO TWIST SCREWDRIVERSHardened and tempered steel Silverline 893790 Stubbyscriber with both a point and knife Screwdriver Set Pozi &end for use with a wide range of materials. Precision-ground ends Slotted 4pc Double ended for marking out infor accuracy and knurled handle VDE/GS approved. Chrome vanadiumconfined spaces, e.g. grooves. for excellent control. Use on metal, steel with soft grip handle. CertifiedCode Unit wood, plastics and laminates. Also to EN60900, insulated to 1000v AC. for use as a striking knife.NEIE222 EachCode Size Unit Code UnitHIL33300075 3 x 75mm Each Eclipse E225 Carbide TippedSIL777515 EachHIL33900060 PH0 x 60mm Each ScriberHIL33900180 PH1 x 80mm Each Silverline 365505 Scribing HIL33400100 4 x 100mm Each Tool 150mmHIL33550125 5.5 x 125mm EachHIL33902100 PH2 x 100mm EachIncludes 2 x slotted: 5mm and 6mm,HIL33650150 6.5 x 150mm Each Reversible point prevents tearing 2 x PZD: No.1 and No.2. and snagging of clothing whenTungsten carbide pin point and steel Hilka VDE Pozi Screwdriver clipped in a pocket. pen clip with PVC cap for detailed Code Unit Code Unit work. 150mm long.SIL893790 Each NEIE225 Each Code UnitSilverline Stubby Screwdriver SIL365505 EachEclipse E227 Machinists VDE/GS approved. Chrome vanadiumScriber 114mm Silverline 633657 TCT Scriber steel. Soft grip handle. Certified to& Glass Cutter 150mmEN60900, insulated to 1000v AC.Code Size UnitHIL33910075 PZ0 x 75mm EachHIL33910180 PZ1 x 80mm Each For marking out in confined spaces, 80mm overall length. HIL33912100 PZ2 x 100mm Each particularly on pre-machinedTungsten carbide tip with tip guard workpieces. and pocket clip. Overall length Code Size Unit 150mm.Phillips Stubby Screwdriver SCRIBERS Code UnitNEIE227 Each Code UnitSIL261260 PH2 x 25mm Each Eclipse 22502 TungstenSIL633657 EachStubby Pozi Screwdriver Carbide Tipped Point forPriory 122 Double Ended SIL801328 PZ2 x 25mm Each Pocket Scriber Scribers Silverline MT60 Engineers Slotted Stubby Screwdriver Scriber200mmSIL618640 6 x 25mm EachReversible point prevents tearingHaving two points one bent at 90For marking or scoring metal, and snagging of clothing whendegrees giving improved access inlaminates, plastics and other clipped in a pocket. confined spaces. materials.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitNEI22502 Each PRI122 Each SILMT60 Each304 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'