b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSMASONRY DRILL BITS SDS MAX DRILL BITSSilverline (386341) MultiSilverline Crosshead MasonrySilverline SDS Plus MasonrySilverline 580437 SDS Max Construction Drill Bit SetDrill Bit Drill Drill Bit Gouging Chisel 25 x 300mm4pceTungsten carbide cutting tips for smoother, faster cut, prolonged life.Tungsten carbide tipped. High Specially-designed tungsten4 cutting edges for hard masonryForged steel. 18mm round shank.carbide tips. For use on steel, wood,materials. Double-fluted shank forstandard, double flute for efficient masonry, uPVC, ceramics andefficient waste removal. waste removal. For concrete,Code Unitconcrete. Ideal for use in multi- masonry, lightweight block andSIL580437 EachDRILL BITS construction environments. SetCode Size Unit stone.includes 5.5mm, 6mm x 85mm; 7mmSIL196546 5 x 100mm Each Code Size Unitx 100mm; 8mm x 120mm. Silverline SDS Max ChiselSIL580453 6 x 100mm Each SIL244650 5 x 160mm EachCode Unit SIL656605 6 x 150mm Each SIL205189 5.5 x 160mm EachSIL386341 Each SIL394993 6.5 x 150mm Each SIL585476 6 x 110mm EachSilverline (802322) MultiSIL589685 7 x 100mm Each SIL345589 6 x 160mm EachConstruction Drill Bit SetSIL571512 7 x 150mm Each SIL598475 6 x 210mm Each7pce SIL228545 8 x 150mm Each SIL196535 6.5 x 210mm Each Strong steel bar construction. 18mm SIL993048 8 x 200mm Each SIL803631 7 x 160mm Each round shank.SIL277859 10 x 150mm Each SIL783123 7 x 210mm Each Code Size UnitSIL969743 10 x 400mm Each SIL991699 8 x 160mm Each SIL282435 25 x 360mm EachSIL371753 10 x 600mm Each SIL283000 8 x 210mm Each SIL244997 25 x 500mm EachSIL733244 12 x 150mm Each SIL821165 10 x 160mm Each SIL598460 25 x 600mm EachSIL797968 12 x 600mm Each SIL973907 10 x 210mm EachSIL367976 16 x 400mm Each SIL686136 10 x 460mm Each Silverline SDS Max PointSpecially-designed tungsten carbideSIL465992 18 x 400mm Each SIL763582 10 x 600mm Eachtip. For use on steel, wood, masonry, uPVC, ceramics and concrete.SIL324781 12 x 1000mm EachIdeal for use in multi-constructionSilverline Long Masonry DrillSIL892541 12 x 210mm Eachenvironments. Set includes 5, 5.5mmBitx 85mm; 6mm x 100mm; 6, 7,8,SIL465985 12 x 460mm Each10mm x 150mm. SIL238097 14 x 210mm Each Forged steel. 18mm round shank.Code Unit SIL743914 14 x 460mm EachSIL633528 16 x 1000mm Each Code Size UnitSIL802322 Each SIL427576 18 x 360mm EachSIL117658 16 x 210mm EachSilverline 633750 SDS PlusCopper brazed tungsten carbideSIL690453 16 x 460mm Each SIL456947 18 x 500mm EachMasonry Drill Bit & Steel Settipped and hardened shanks. ForSIL316750 18 x 210mm Each SIL196523 18 x 600mm Each12pc concrete, masonry and stone. UseSIL589680 18 x 600mm Eachwith rotary percussion drills. SDS PLUS DRILL BITSCode Size Unit SIL955427 20 x 1000mm EachSILDML16 16mm x 400mm Each SIL868241 20 x 210mm Each Bosch 2607019448 SDS Plus SILDML20 20mm x 400mm Each SIL408971 20 x 460mm Each Drill Bit Set 6pcSIL673432 22 x 460mm EachSilverline Multi ConstructionSIL228540 22 x 600mm EachDrill Bit SIL918534 24 x 600mm EachSIL282458 25 x 1000mm EachDrills: 5.5, 6 x 110mm; 8, 10 and 12 xSIL633626 25 x 260mm Each160mm; 14, 16 x 210mm; 18 x 300mm and 20 x 450mm. Chisels: 1 x point, 1SIL868621 25 x 460mm Eachx flat and 1 x groove. In sturdy case. SIL456930 28 x 460mm EachCode Unit SIL244978 30 x 460mm EachSIL633750 Each Single multipurpose drill bit with specially-designed tungsten carbideSDS MAX DRILL BITSSilverline 930164 SDS Plustip.For use on steel, wood, masonry, Masonry Drill Bit Set 5pc uPVC, ceramics and concrete.Silverline 456951 SDS Max to Ideal for use in multi-constructionSDS Plus Adaptor 200mmenvironments.Bosch 6 piece SDS-Plus S2 hammer Code Size Unit drill bit set in a plastic display box.SIL891228 14.0 x 250mm EachBox Contains: 5 x 110mm5.5 x 110mm 6 x 110mm Sandblasted finish. Fits any SDS PlusEnables use of SDS Plus shanked6 x 160mm 7 x 160mmdrill. Sizes: 5, 6 x 110mm and 7, 8, 10drill accessories with an SDS Max x 160mm. machine.8 x 160mm A MASSIVE RANGE Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL930164 Each TO CHOOSE FROM SIL456951 Each BOS2607019448 Each466 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'