b'HAND TOOLSWRECKING BARS & PRYWRECKING BARS & PRY HAND TOOLSHilka 65300015 Utility BarSilverline 868501 Pry BarStanley 1-55-099 XL FubarStanley 1-55-526 Super 15 Set 5pc Utility Bar Wonder BarWRECKING BARS & PRYCode UnitSTA155099 Each Heat treated, forged high carbon Fully hardened carbon steel bar. WithSet comprises of 4 heavy-duty prysteel for increased durability.nail puller and chisel ends. bars and 1 roll bar. Pry bar lengths:Stanley 1-55-157 Ripping Bar Code Size Unit 200, 300, 450 and 600mm. 700mm Code Size UnitSTA155526 21 EachHIL65300015 380mm Each Code UnitSIL868501 Each Stanley 155120 Fatmax Fubar Hilka 65400010 Nail PullerIII Utility BarBar 10 Silverline Aligning BarMade from forged high carbon alloy steel, heat treated for durability and long life, this robust ripping bar is used for heavy-duty demolition. It has a claw end with a bevelled nail slot.Ideal for use in automotive,Code Unit Utility bar for heavy demolition work. engineering and scaffoldingSTA155157 Each 4-in-1 tool for prying, splitting, board Heavy duty puller with polishedindustries. bending and striking jobs. One-piece heads. With display sleeve. forged steel bar for durability.Code Size Unit Stanley 1-55-504 Fatmax Code Size Unit Wrecking Bar Code UnitHIL65400010 10 (250mm) Each SIL486947 450 x 16mm Each STA155120 EachSIL797969 900 x 20mm EachHilka Heavy Duty WreckingStanley Claw Pry BarBar Silverline Samson CrowbarSpring steel for extreme strength & durability.Code Size UnitSTA155504 36 EachPowerful lever action from uniqueContoured bar makes pulling nails, Made from high quality drop forgedhead design. Forged high carbonStanley 1-55-515 Wonder Bar prying and lifting easier.steel. The wide flat base gives bettersteel, hardened and tempered. Code Size Unitcontrol and thicker arm increasesCode Size Unit STA055113 8 (200mm) Eachstrength. Oval grip gives added comfort. Supplied with wrap aroundSILPC66 450mm Each STA055114 10 (250mm) Eachsleeve. SILPC65 600mm Each STA055115 12 (300mm) EachCode Size Unit SILPC67 750mm EachHIL65500018 18 Each Heat treated, forged high carbonStanley Fatmax Demolition Silverline Wrecking Bar steel for increased durability. BarHIL65500024 24 EachHIL65500030 30 Each Code Size UnitHIL65500036 36 Each STA155515 12.5 EachSilverline 675055 Wide BladeStanley 1-55-516 Fatmax Pry Bar 250mm Forged and ground from hexagonWonder Bar Forged, from high-carbon steel able stock for strength and durability withto withstand 975 ft-lbs. of bending claw and chisel ends. momentum. Tri-lobe design increases strength, durability and ease of use. Code Size Unit High-visibility, powder-coated finish. SIL868781 300mm Each Slotted claw and bevelled ends improve functionality and performance.SILPC60 450mm EachSILPC62 600mm Each Spring Steel for extreme strength &Code Size UnitWide thin blade for removingSILPC63 760mm Each durability. STA155101 14 Eachskirting, coving and dado rails.Code Unit SILPC64 915mm Each Code Size Unit Wrecking BarSIL675055 Each STA155516 15 EachStanley 0-55-117 Molding Pry Bar 10 Stanley 1-55-525 Super Silverline Flat Pry Bar Wonder BarHNH Wrecking Bar. Available in 18, 24, 30 & 36.Hardened carbon steel. Nail pullerPatented, arched center gives moreCode Size Unitwith chisel ends. Contoured bar makes pulling nails,swing during nail pullingno needHNH18WB00 18 (457mm) EachCode Size Unit prying and lifting easier. for a wood block. HNH24WB00 24 (600mm) EachSILPC58 300mm Each Code Size Unit Code Size Unit HNH30WB00 30 (750mm) EachSIL675821 450mm Each STA055117 10 (250mm) Each STA155525 15 Each HNH36WB00 36 (900mm) EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 367'