b'POWER TOOLSSAWSSAWS SDS DRILLS & DEMOLITION HAMMERS SHARPENERS POWER TOOLSRECIPROCATING SAWS DEMOLITION HAMMERS SDS PLUS DRILLS Silverline (312279) DIY Drill Bit Sharpener 95WDeWalt DCS380N 18v XRMakita HM0810T DemolitionMakita HR2811F SDS Plus Cordless Reciprocating SawHammer 900W Rotary Hammer 800WBody OnlySAWS, SDS DRILLS & DEMOLITION HAMMERS & SHARPENERSCode Voltage Unit Code Voltage Unit Quickly sharpens blunt drill bits to MAKHM0810T-1 110V Each MAKHR2811F-1 110V Each new condition. Suitable for use with carbon steel and HSS spiral bits from MAKHM0810T-2 240V Each 3-10mm dia. Built-in drill guide.Silverline 633821 SDS Plus Makita HM1304 DemolitionHammer Drill 850W Code UnitHammer 1500W SIL312279 EachThe DCS380N DeWalt Reciprocating Saw has a variable speed triggerSilverline 270466 Knife delivering up to 2950 strokes perSharpener with Suction Padminute allowing you to match speed with application and a 28.6 mm stroke length for fast cutting. The keyless lever-action 4-position blade clamp makes changing blades quick F eatures extremely low noise and and easy and allows for a variety oflow vibration, yet with outstanding3 functions: drill, hammer drill and applications including flush cutting.power chisel. Variable speed. Torque limiting Battery and charger sold separately. clutch. Lock-on button. Includes 8, 10Lock-on button for continuousand 12mm SDS Plus masonry drill bits, 1 Code Unit operation x flat chisel, 1 x point chisel, depth stop DEWDCS380N EachErgonomic soft rubber grip and pot of grease. Drilling capacity:Knife sharpener for sharpeningwood 40mm, masonry 26mm, steelstraight-edged knives and scissors. Makita JR3050T Recipro SawCode Voltage Unit 13mm. No load speed 800rpm, impactTungsten steel blades. Suction base 1010W MAKHM1304-1 110V Each rate 3150bpm. Weight 4.7kg. provides stability during sharpening.Silverline 263570 ElectricCode Unit Code UnitBreaker 15kg 1240W SIL633821 Each SIL270466 EachSilverstorm 1500W SDS PlusTriton 873721 Wetstone Drill Sharpener Cover TWSWSCWeight: 3.30 kg Maximum Cut in Wood: 90 mm Power Type: CordedMedium-sized demolition hammer Stroke Length: 28 mmwith 1400bpm impact rate. For Strokes per Minute: 0 - 2800 spmmasonry and asphalt. 360Machine Cover for the Triton Wattage: 1010 Wrotational handle with soft-grip.Wetstone Sharpener TWSS10.Voltage: 110 VStandard 30mm (1 1/8) steels are Includes: Blade Selection & Case secured by sprung pin. Hammer drill, roto-stop chisel andCode UnitCode Voltage Unit Code Unit normal drill modes. 5.5J impactSIL873721 EachMAKJR3050T-1 110V Each SIL263570 Each energy with 4350 impacts per minute. Variable speed 0-880rpm. Built-inTriton 949257 Wetstone MAKJR3050T-2 240V Each safety clutch. Includes 8, 10 and 12mmSharpener 120W TWSS10SDS PLUS DRILLS SDS masonry bits, 1 x flat and 1 x point Silverline (937675) 800Wchisel. Includes 13mm keyed chuck, Reciprocating Saw 180mm Makita HR3210C 32mm SDSgrease, dust guard and durable blow-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill moulded case. Weight 5.5kg.Code UnitSIL268819 EachSHARPENERSVersatile reciprocating saw withSilverline 270952 Rotary powerful 800W motor. VariableHR3200C series models have beenMower & Tool Sharpenerspeed trigger and lock-on button.developed as successor models ofSlow speed wetstone sharpener Quick, tool-free blade changeHR3000C, featuring low vibrationwith high grade diamond grindstone. mechanism. Rotary handle with 3level and lightweight design. MakitasWater-cooled slow speed ensures preset positions. Rubber over- Active dynamic vibration absorberthe edge does not overheat and moulded, vibration-reducing gripscreates a shift of air pressure inlose sharpness. Easy to shape and provides additional control andcrank room and barrel room thatsharpen a blade exactly to your comfort while operating.Adjustableactively controls the balancer toneeds. Leather honing wheel with shoe for stable guiding of themove opposite of piston. Featureshoning compound for a polished, tool. Max cutting capacity in woodsimple single-lever control forChrome corundum. 2 angled facesrazor-sharp edge. Induction motor for 180mm, steel 10mm. No load speedand guide disc. For sharpeninglong-lasting, smooth performance. 0-2800min-1. Includes wood-cuttingchanging operation mode. cutting edges. Suitable for all powerIncludes support arm, angle guide, blade. Code Voltage Unit drills. Max 4500rpm. square edge jig and stone grader.Code Unit MAKHR3210C-1 110V Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL937675 Each MAKHR3210C-2 240V Each SIL270952 Each SIL949257 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 529'