b'HAND TOOLSSTAPLERS & STAPLESHAND TOOLSSTAPLERS & STAPLESHAMMER TACKERSArrow HT50 Heavy DutyArrow HTX50 ProfessionalArrow T2025M Dual PurposeSilverline (564322) Heavy Hammer Tacker Hammer Tacker Staple Gun & Wire Tacker Duty Hammer Tacker 6 - 10mm Type 10JSTAPLERS & STAPLESSteel constructionJam resistant mechanism Precision locked rear loadingErgonomic soft rubber grip - easyto use all day All steel construction Recessed hand grip - protects hand High carbon hardened steelfrom scraping Shoots flat and round crown staples working parts Surface guard flange- reduces All steel construction lasts and lasts Heavy duty all-steel constructionJam resistant mechanism damage to surface with hardened high-carbon steelGrooved driving blade Knuckle guard - avoids surfacePrecision locked rear loading parts. Easy stapling of carpet,Jam resistant mechanismRetractable striking edge impact on hand insulation material, roofing felt andSlip guard keeps tacker from Short span, easy compression handle upholstery. Single-handed ergonomicSpecially designed power grip slipping out of handChrome finish resists wear and tear grip for fast and easy operation. handles Holds two full strips of Arrow T50 Grooved guide ensures perfectQuick to load and clear. For use withDurable chrome finishstaples stapling Type 10J staples 6 - 10mm.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitARRHT50 Each ARRHTX50 Each ARRT2025 Each SIL564322 EachPLIER TYPE STAPLES STAPLE GUNS STAPLE REMOVERArrow P35 Heavy Duty PlierArrow T25 Low Voltage WireArrow TT50 Forward ActionSilverline 250401 Staple Type Stapler Staple Gun Heavy Duty Stapler Remover 160mmEasily removes staples from paper and cartons. Wide footprint providesAll steel construction good leverage and reduces risk The Arrow TruTac TT50 HeavyChrome finish of surface damage. ComfortableAll steel construction Duty Forward Action Stapler is contoured handle. Hand guide loop Grooved driving blade great for projects around the house Cam actuated double leverage Jam resistant mechanism or workshop.The Arrow ATT50Code Unitmechanism TruTac Forward Action Stapler has2 1/2 Throate for better reachShort span easy compression handle a comfortable ergonomic grip andSIL250401 EachMore powerful for tougherChrome finish resists wear and tear offers premium performance with its Grooved guide ensures cconsistentuser friendly forward action design materials Silverline CB32 Tack Lifter stapling The direction of the handle on the195mmCode UnitF or low voltage wire up to 1/4TruTac TT50 stapler is reversed so ARRP35 Each (6mm) diameter you press down right over the point of impact. This makes it easier to Arrow P22 Staple GunCode Unit staple and allows you to use your ARRT25M Each body weight to assist you in using Machine the stapler. The design is modern Silverline 944989 Staple Gunand clean and the forward action & Staples 4-8mm technology makes TT50 staple gunHardened chrome vanadium steel easier to use, more precise and provides better control. Fires T50blade and soft-grip handle.staples in four sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. Code UnitCode Unit SILCB32 EachARRTT50 EachELECTRICAL &All steel construction, chromefinish LIGHTING Hand guide loop, for ease of use See pagesFires Type 53 staples 4-8mm. Robust Cam actuated double leveragedesign and strong stapling action.111-125mechanism For upholstery, crafts and general2 1/2 throat allows more reach DIY use. Includes 100 staples. A MASSIVE RANGE Code Unit Code UnitARRP22 Each SIL944989 Each TO CHOOSE FROM322 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'