b'DECORATINGWAXDECORATINGWAX WOOD DYEBriwax Original Wax PolishBriwax Liming Wax WhiteLiberon SDDO1L Spirit WoodRonseal Colron Refined Wood 400g 220g Dye Dark Oak 1L DyeWAX & WOOD DYEA smooth white tinted paste wax, Briwax Original is formulated withformulated to produce a white fast drying, stronger solventsgrained finish in open grained which speed up drying and alsotimbers. Particularly effective on oakSpirit Wood Dye is ideal for use increase the cleaning ability of theand similar timbers. on hardwood and for furniture wax slightly. This means that it willCode Unit restoration, and is a traditional dye renovate older dirtier furniturewhich penetrates deep into theA deeply penetrative wood dye with and leave you with the deep grainRUSBW7101000010 Each wood. It can be mixed together tolight fast pigments to ensure the enriching Briwax shine. obtain intermediate shades, andcolour doesnt yellow over time or Briwax Spray 400ml is suitable for colouring densefade on exposure to sunlight.Code Unit hardwoods such as mahogany Antique Brown and oak, as well as for colouringCode Colour UnitRUSBW0502101221 Each previously finished woods, such as250mlantique restoration. Easy to apply Antique Mahogany and with a new ethanol-basedRON36888 Georgian Medium Oak EachRUSBW0502101421 Each formula, it comes in a range ofRON36889 Antique Pine EachAntique Pine intermixable colours. RON36890 English Light Oak EachRUSBW0502101521 Each Code Unit RON36891 Jacobean Dark Oak EachClear LIBSDDO1L Each RON36892 Dark Mahogany EachRUSBW0502000021 Each Liberon WBDASS Water BasedRON36893 Indian Rosewood EachDark Oak The grain enhancing beauty of aConcentrated Dyes Mixed Box- RON36894 White Ash EachRUSBW0502161321 Each Briwax finish, in an easy to use,8 x 15ml RON36895 American Walnut EachHoney convenient aerosol pack. 500mlRUSBW0501241521 Each Code Unit RON35318 Georgian Medium Oak EachJacobean RUSBW9301000018 Each RON35320 English Light Oak EachRUSBW0502280321 Each Briwax Beeswax Stick RON35321 Jacobean Dark Oak EachMedium Brown RON35323 Indian Rosewood EachRUSBW0502341921 Each RON36254 White Ash EachOld PineRUSBW0502403621 Each Rustins Wood Dye 250mlRustic Pine Water Based Concentrated Dye is used to create new individual RUSBW0502445621 Each colours. It can be mixed with water Spanish Mahogany based dyes, varnishes and paints RUSBW0502464721 Each to create individual colours for colouring wood, and is light and fade Teak resistant. Available in a wide range RUSBW0501464821 Each Pure Beeswax Filler Sticks are idealof intermixable colours, it is made Tudor Oak for furniture restoration to fill smallfrom an acrylic formula.RUSBW0502143121 Each cracks and holes. This wax is alsoCode Unithandy for odd jobs around the houseLIBWBDASS EachWalnut e.g. to ease the runners of stiff RUSBW0502540121 Each drawers or easing stiff zip fasteners. Rustins Quick Dry Wood Dye Code Unit (water-based) 250ml For use on bare wood prior to Briwax Natural CreamedRUSBWBEWS Each finishing with any of Rustins wood Beeswax Clear 250ml finishes. Fast drying penetrating Rustins Liquid Wax 125ml stain does not raise the grain. Supplied in 11 shades, which may be intermixed to make an infinite variety of natural wood shades. Suitable for interior and exterior use.Fast drying penetrating stainSolvent basedDoes not raise the grain11 true natural wood shadesCode Colour UnitRUSWDAP250 Antique Pine EachA low odour water based dye toRUSWDBM250 Brown Magny. EachManufactured to a traditionalA non-flammable and non-toxic waxtransform the colour of wood. It isRUSWDDO250 Dark Oak Eachformulation using only the finestemulsion containing pure beeswax refined natural Beeswax, linseedand carnauba wax. It can be usedtouch dry in 20 minutes and canRUSWDDT250 Dark Teak Eachoils and genuine turpentine. Naturalwith complete safety on all newbe over-coated after 2 hours withRUSWDLO250 Light Oak EachCreamed Beeswax is the traditionaland old furniture after cleaning offany of the Rustins range of finishes. natural way to clean and revive theold previously applied wax with theThe colour is fade-resistant and willRUSWDLT250 Light Teak Eachnatural colour of wood and enrichsurface cleaner. It is not suitable forenhance the natural grain of wood. RUSWDMO250 Medium Oak Eachthe patina of all good furniture. use on bare wood. Code Colour Unit RUSWDPI250 Pine EachCode Unit Code Unit RUSWDGY250 Grey Each RUSWDRM250 Red Magny. EachRUSBW1901000010 Each RUSLIQW125 Each RUSWDWH250 White Each RUSWDWA250 Walnut Each108 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'