b'HAND TOOLSKNIVES & BLADESKNIVES & BLADES HAND TOOLSKNIVESSilverline 427555 TrimmingSilverline 633575 Auto LoadSilverline 868499 Expert Hi- Silverline 885884 Pocket Knife Display Box-12 Snap Off Knife 18mm DisplayViz Knife Display Box-24 Knife Sharpener 60 x 75mmBox-10KNIVES & BLADESFixed blade trimming knives with belt holsters. Ergonomically designed handle. Quick-release mechanism for easy blade-change. Blade locking feature. Blade storageLightweight, compact sharpener in knife. with ceramic and tungsten carbide Code Unit blades and pre-set angles for a SIL427555 Display 12 Top quality knife made from thickperfect edge every time. Non-slip aluminium. Rubber inserts for securerubber feet and lanyard hole. 25mm Each knife is pre-loaded with 8grip. Length 150mm. Includes heavythick. For use with all knives.Silverline 445373 Snap Offsnap-off blades in the quick-changeduty blade. Display Box-24.Knife 25mm cartridge. Code UnitCode Unit Code Unit SIL885884 EachSIL633575 Display 10 SIL868499 Display 24Silverline 898987 Rotary Silverline 675097 Snap OffSilverline 868579 Snap OffCutter 45mmKnife 18mm Display Box-36 Knife 9mm Display Box-487-section retractable blade with screw locking mechanism, easy blade change and chunky anti-slip rubber handle.Code UnitSIL445373 Each Ergonomically designed 45mm rotary cutter with dual-action safety Silverline 456928 Scalpel &mechanism. Long-lasting, razor-25 Blades sharp blade. Suitable for left and right-handed use.Code UnitSIL898987 Each18mm snap-off knife with strong metal frame and comfortable plastic9mm snap-off knives. Self-lockingSilverline CT05 Retractable Hi Scalpel and 25 spare blades inhandle. Display Box-36. with easily adjusted blade length, dispenser. pocket clips and hanging hole. Viz Knife 145mmCode UnitCode Unit SIL675097 Display 36 Code UnitSIL456928 Each SIL868579 Display 48Silverline 782341 Compass Silverline 456940 RetractableCutter 10 - 150mm Silverline 868751 Auto Reload Hi-Viz Grip Knife 140mm Snap Off Knife 18mmStrong aluminium body. Heavy duty blade. Overall length 145mm. Integral blade storage. Hanging hole.Code UnitSILCT05 EachStrong aluminium body withAnti-slip, rubber-grip handle. Pre-moulded finger grips. Overall lengthFor cutting accurate circles or arcsloaded with 8-segment snap-offSilverline CT07 Contoured 140mm. Hanging hole. in various materials including paper,blade in the quick-change cartridge. Retractable Trimming Knife Code Unit card, masking films, leather, vinyl180mmand rubber. Includes 2 spare blades. Code UnitSIL456940 Each SIL868751 EachCode UnitSilverline 633460 ExpertSIL782341 Each Silverline 868802 Film Slitter Retractable Hi-Vis Knife150mm150mm Silverline 789397 Zinc Alloy Snap Off Knife 9mmHeavy duty zinc alloy body, 3-position blade adjustment. Top quality knife made from thickZinc alloy snap-off knife withFilm slitter for cutting strappingIncludes high quality blade, plastic aluminium. Rubber inserts for secure12-section, retractable 9mm blade,and opening boxes safely withoutsheath and belt clip. Spring-loaded grip. Length 150mm. Includes heavyand secure locking mechanism.damaging user or contents. Lengthblade release. Length 180mm. duty blade. Hanging hole for storage. 150mm. Includes 2 blades. Colours may vary.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL633460 Each SIL789397 Each SIL868802 Each SILCT07 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 253'