b'DECORATINGPAINTSDECORATINGPAINTSVARNISHLiberon ELNFIVCS NaturalRonseal Exterior YachtRonseal Interior VarnishFinish Interior Varnish ClearVarnish 2.5L Code Size UnitSatin 1L Matt Dark OakRON36857 250ml EachPAINTS RON36865 750ml EachMatt Medium OakRON36855 250ml EachRON36863 750ml EachMatt White AshRON36858 250ml EachYacht Varnish protects outdoorGive your wooden furniture andRON36866 750ml EachNatural Finish Interior Varnish is awood all year long so its perfectskirting boards a beautiful naturalSatin Antique Pinehardwearing and long-lasting, water- for windows and doors. Its a toughfinish as well as diamond hardRON36825 250ml Eachbased varnish suitable for protectingtraditional varnish and resists cracking, peeling and blistering. protection. Our interior varnish driesRON36837 750ml Eachand maintaining the natural look andin only 20 minutes so it wont leave feel of interior woodwork, such asCode Colour Unit Satin Ashskirting boards, doors, work surfacesyour wood out of action for too long. RON36818 250ml EachRON34769 Gloss Eachand panelling. Using a non-yellowingCode Size Unit RON36830 750ml Eachand quick drying formula, it is highlyRON34909 Satin Eachresistant to scratches and stains. Gloss Antique Pine Satin BeechRonseal Perfect FinishRON36843 250ml Each RON36820 250ml EachCode Unit Diamond Hard Floor Varnish RON36849 750ml Each RON36832 750ml EachLIBELNFIVCS Each Gloss Clear Satin BirchRonseal Diamond Hard FloorRON36873 250ml Each RON36822 250ml EachVarnish RON36874 750ml Each RON36834 750ml EachRON36875 2.5L Each Satin ClearGloss Dark Mahogany RON36870 250ml EachRON36846 250ml Each RON36871 750ml EachRON36852 750ml Each RON36872 2.5L EachTouch dry in just 30 minutes andGloss Dark Oak Satin Dark Mahoganyready for a second coat in two hours,RON36844 250ml Each RON36828 250ml EachPerfect Finish Diamond Hard FloorRON36850 750ml Each RON36840 750ml EachVarnish protects against knocks, scuffs and scratches. Covers up toGloss Medium Oak Satin Dark Oak18 m per litre and gives a naturalRON36842 250ml Each RON36826 250ml EachDiamond Hard Floor Varnish bringsfinish that shows off the grain of out the natural finish in your woodenyour wood. RON36848 750ml Each RON36838 750ml Eachfloors and provides long-lastingGloss Teak Satin French Oakprotection against every day knocks,Code Colour Unit RON36845 250ml Each RON36823 250ml Eachscuffs and spills. It only takes 302.5L RON36851 750ml Each RON36835 750ml Eachminutes to dry and can cover up toRON36294 Clear Gloss Each18m2 per litre. Plus, its low odour soGloss Walnut Satin Light Oakyour home wont smell of varnish forRON36295 Clear Satin Each RON36847 250ml Each RON36821 250ml Eachdays on end. RON36853 750ml Each RON36833 750ml EachCode Colour Unit Ronseal Crystal Clear Outdoor Varnish Matt Almond Wood Satin Medium Oak2.5L RON36859 250ml Each RON36824 250ml EachRON32582 Clear Gloss Each RON36867 750ml Each RON36836 750ml EachRON32583 Clear Satin Each Matt Antique Pine Satin PearwoodRON33426 Medium Oak Each RON36856 250ml Each RON36819 250ml EachRON33429 Antique Pine Each RON36864 750ml Each RON36831 750ml EachRON33430 Light Oak Each Matt Beech Satin TeakRON33431 Rich Mahogany Each RON36854 250ml Each RON36827 250ml EachRON34991 Dark Oak Each Matt Clear RON36839 750ml EachRON35948 Varnished Walnut Each Protect your exterior windows andRON36876 250ml Each Satin WalnutRON36897 Satin Whitewash Each doors without changing the colourRON36877 750ml Each RON36829 250ml EachRON37539 Clear Matt Each with our Crystal Clear OutdoorRON36878 2.5L Each RON36841 750ml Each5L Varnish. It wont yellow over time, its rainproof in just one hour and you RON33607 Clear Gloss Each dont need to do too much prep.RON33608 Clear Satin Each Code Size Unit OPEN A RON37540 Clear Matt Each Matt WHOLESALERON37367 250ml Each ACCOUNT RON37368 750ml Each TODAYRON37369 2.5L EachSatin UP TO 30 DAYS FREE CREDIT.A MASSIVE RANGERON37364 250ml Each GET BENEFITS, GET DISCOUNTS.RON37365 750ml EachTO CHOOSE FROM RON37366 2.5L Each92 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'