b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIESDRILL BITSSDS PLUS DRILL BITS STEP DRILLS TILE & GLASS DRILLSSilverline 196570 SDS PlusSilverline SDS Plus MasonrySilverline Step Drill TitaniumHeller Tile & Glass Drill Bit Masonry Drill & Steel Set 15pc Drill Bit Set Pack-3 Coated Hex ShankFor precision drilling of steel, brass, copper, aluminium, wood and plastic up to 4mm thick, in 2mm increments. Copper brazed, tungsten carbideBit cuts cleanly and accurately. Heller Quickbit Ceramic Master Glass tip and ground centre point withand Tile Drill Bits. For rotary drilling Code Size Unit in glass and soft ceramic materials. sand-blasted finish. Double flute forSIL698459 4 - 22mm Each Pointed centring cutting edge which DRILL BITS efficient waste removal and quickcan be sharpened at any time allows 5.5, 6 x 110mm; 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7 xclean drill hole. For use on concrete,SIL763594 14 - 26mm Each for precise drilling. Heller QuickBIT 160mm; 8, 10 x 160mm; 10, 12, 16 xmasonry, lightweight block andSIL656611 20 - 36mm Each system perfectly designed for use 260mm. Chisels: 1 x wide, 1 x point, 1stone. Sizes: 12, 16 and 24. with cordless machines. Fastest x flat and 1 x groove. In sturdy case. Code Size Unit Silverline HSS Step Drill switching between drills and bits. Code Unit SIL125628 1000mm Each Hexagonal shank prevents the drill bit from slipping into the drill chuck. SIL196570 Each SIL633828 1500mm Each Heller tip: Only deploy for rotary drilling at low speeds. Suitable for:SDS Plus Hammer Drill Fired Tiles, Glass, Mirror Glass, Roof Code Size Unit Use for precision drilling of steel,Tiles and Wall Tiles. (HEL249423 5pc brass, copper, aluminium, woodset includes sizes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, FORFMSDS55210 5.5 x 210mm Each and plastic up to 4mm thick, in8mm and 10mm).FORFMSDS6210 6 x 210mm Each 2mm increments. Cuts cleanly and accurately. Code Size UnitFORFMSDS65210 6.5 x 210mm Each HEL500913 3mm EachFORFMSDS7210 7 x 210mm Each Code Size Unit Large range of sizes to suit mostFORFMSDS8210 8 x 210mm Each SIL868874 4-14mm Each HEL500920 4mm Each fixing requirements SIL675316 4-30mm Each HEL500937 5mm Each Unique design, double slot chuckFORFMSDS10210 10 x 210mm Each HEL500944 6mm Each system, preventing drill seizure FORFMSDS12210 12 x 210mm Each Hilka Small HSS Step Drill SetHEL500951 6.5mm Each Carbide pointed tip reducingFORFMSDS14210 14 x 210mm Each 3pc HEL262095 7mm Eachslippage on commencement ofFORFMSDS6260 6 x 260mm Eachdrilling HEL500968 8mm Each Specialist flute design enablingFORFMSDS65260 6.5 x 260mm Each HEL500975 10mm Each effective dust extraction,FORFMSDS8260 8 x 260mm Each HEL249423 5pc set Eachincreasing drilling speed FORFMSDS10260 10 x 260mm Each F or use with SDS percussion drillFORFMSDS12260 12 x 260mm Each Hilka Glass Drill Set 5pcmachines into masonry, concrete and stone FORFMSDS14260 14 x 260mm EachFORFMSDS18260 18 x 260mm EachCode Size UnitFORFMSDS6110 6 x 110mm Each FORFMSDS20600 20 x 260mm EachFORFMSDS5160 5 x 160mm Each FORFMSDS20260 20 x 260mm EachFORFMSDS22260 22 x 260mm Each High speed steel with titanium FORFMSDS55160 5.5 x 160mm Each coating, self-starting point and FORFMSDS6160 6 x 160mm Each FORFMSDS6310 6 x 310mm Each two fluted design provides faster, FORFMSDS65310 6.5 x 310mm Each smoother and cleaner cuts. Used FORFMSDS65160 6.5 x 160mm Each to obtain the proper depth needed FORFMSDS7160 7 x 160mm Each FORFMSDS12310 12 x 310mm Each for any application in a variety of FORFMSDS8160 8 x 160mm Each FORFMSDS16310 16 x 310mm Each materials including steel, brass, wood FORFMSDS8450 8 x 450mm Each and plastic. 1/4 quick change hex FORFMSDS10160 10 x 160mm Each FORFMSDS10450 10 x 450mm Each shank can be used in any drill or drillHigh quality glass drills in display FORFMSDS12160 12 x 160mm Each press. Complete with nylon storagepackaging. Tungsten carbide tip, FORFMSDS5210 5 x 210mm Each FORFMSDS16450 16 x 450mm Each bag for safe keeping. Includes: 1x 10suitable for glass, mirrors and tiles. FORFMSDS14X1M 14 x 1000mm Each step bit (3-12mm), 1x 8 step bit (6- Sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm.20mm), 1 x 5 step bit (4-12mm).STEP DRILLS Code Unit Code UnitHIL49706503 Each HIL49803004 EachSilverline 151206 TitaniumSilverline 282620 HSS Step Coated HSS Step Drill Set 3pc Drill Set 3pc Silverline Tile & Glass Drill BitSpear headed tungsten carbide tipped drill with 6mm (1/4) hex shank. For clean, accurate holes in ceramic tiles, glass and mirrors. Use for drilling sheet metal up to 3mmTitanium coated. Use for drilling3mm.thick. 1/4 hex shank fitting. Sizes: 1/8sheet metal up to 4mm thick. Sizes: -1/2, 3/16 -1/2 and 1/4 -3/4. 4-12mm, 4-20mm and 6-30mm. VISIT OURCode Size UnitCode Unit Code Unit WEBSITE TODAYSIL128963 6mm EachSIL151206 Each SIL282620 Each www.newtonhale.co.uk SIL127759 8mm Each468 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'