b'POWER TOOLSSAWSPOWER TOOLSSAWSMITRE & TABLE SAWSRockler (540756) Table SawRockler (730688) Mitre SledRockler (996182) Table SawSilverline (624327) DIY Thin Rip Jig 35 x 144mm (1- 45 Small Parts Sled 305 x 394 xTracksaw 1200W3/8 - 5-11/16) 89mm (12 x 15-1/2 x 3-1/2SAWSMakes a perfect 90 joint by cutting Enables easier cutting of stripscomplementary 45 ends. High-impact of wood. Safely cuts multiple thinpolycarbonate ensures durability strips without positioning the fenceand low-friction sliding. Pre-installed close to the blade. Reduces risk ofadjustable nylon pins provide a no- Plunge track saw features a cast kickback, splintering and breakage.slop fit to mitre track. Through-slotsaluminium base, blade guards and Solid resin for durability. Ideal forin the base allow secure clamping.dust port. 165 x 20mm blade with edging, inlay, bent laminationsCan be easily drilled to add extendedAluminium with melamine-coated24T tungsten carbide teeth cuts and more. Low-profile mitre trackfences and stops. Fits standard 10 xMDF. Great for cutting dowels, tenonnatural and composite woods. 2 x clamp locks in at any point along19mm (3/8 x 3/4) mitre slot. Size: 140stock and small mouldings at a700mm extruded tracks slot easily workbench mitre track. Fits 19 x- 264mm (5-1/2x 10-3/8). Clampingprecise 90 angle, with little to notogether from their compact state to 10mm (3/4 x 3/8) mitre tracks.face 191mm (7-1/2). tear-out. Features zero-clearancecreate a 1400mm track with a non-Adjustable from 35144mm (1-3/8 to 5-11/16). Code Unit support to reduce the chance ofslip base. Easily accessible shaft lock SIL730688 Each small pieces getting stuck betweenaids fast, convenient blade change. Code Unit the blade and throat plate or fallingPlunge lock for safety enhancement. SIL540756 Each through entirely. Holds small partsSoft-grip handles. Includes guide Rockler (942321) Tapersafely while machining on a routertrack system for smooth, precise Rockler (676250) Tablesaw/ Straight-Line Jig 787 xtable. Can be adjusted to fit a widestraight and bevel cutting. Bevel 197mm (31-5/8 x 7-3/4) range of small part dimensions.range: 0 - 45. Max. cutting depth: Cross-Cut Sled 603 x 603mmIncludes table saw small parts sled,56mm. No load speed: 5200rpm.(23-3/4 x 23-3/4) blade guard and mitre track stop. Requires mitre slot dimensions 10 xCode Unit19mm (3/8 x 3/4). SIL624327 EachCode UnitSIL996182 Each RECIPROCATING SAWSSimple, indexed angle-settingS/L 262705 Compound MitreDeWalt DCS380N 18v XR system; heavy duty, non-markingSaw 210mm 1400W Cordless Reciprocating Saw clamps and smooth sliding designBody Onlyfor fast, easy, more accurate tapered cuts. Perfect for chair legs, table legs and more. Dual tape measures Sled for making cross cuts easierprovide fast reference. Removing and safer. Makes table saw cut-offsthe mitre bar allows the jig to double safe and easy. Sacrificial fenceas a stable, straight-line ripping provides backer for tear-out freejig. Jig fits snugly in any standard cuts. Sturdy MDF with wipe-clean10 x 19mm (3/8 x 3/4) mitre slot melamine coating. Easy-to-readand features a large, ergonomic 1/2 graduations and a hair-linehandle for smooth push-action indicator ensure error-free setups.performance. Includes 914mm (36) Extra material allows user to cut themitre bar.sled down to fit. Includes 4 x 610mm (2) pieces of 229mm (3/4) wideCode Unitself-adhesive low-friction tape forSIL942321 Each The DCS380N DeWalt Reciprocating smooth sliding of the platform andPowerful 1400W motor and precisionSaw has a variable speed trigger fence. Adjustable 90 stop. 13mm210mm 24T TCT blade. All-metaldelivering up to 2950 strokes per (1/2) thick. Sled measures 603 xTriton (201391) 1400W Trackblade guards, arm, fence and mitreminute allowing you to match speed 603mm (23-3/4 x 23-3/4). Saw Kit 4pce TTS1400KIT table. Compound, 0-45 bevel andwith application and a 28.6 mm 0-45 L/R mitre cuts. Maximumstroke length for fast cutting. The Code Unit cross cut capacity 120 x 50mm. Dustkeyless lever-action 4-position blade SIL676250 Each extraction port and carrying handle.clamp makes changing blades quick Easycalibration for bevel and mitreand easy and allows for a variety of angle. Bench mountable base. Foldsapplications including flush cutting. Rockler (918267) Cross Cutdown for compact storage. IncludesBattery and charger sold separately.Sled Drop-Off Platform 603 xclamp, dust bag, rear stabiliser and 254mm (23-3/4 x 10) high performance blade. Code UnitCode Unit DEWDCS380M2 EachSIL262705 Each Makita JR3060T Recipro Saw A complete kit that deserves pride1250Wof place in every workshop. The versatile and highly portable Plunge Track Saw TTS1400 is supplied with The Rockler 918267 23-3/4in x 10inall the accessories needed to achieve Cross Cut Sled Drop-Off Platform isthe perfect cut. Includes TTS1400 a Cross Cut Sled Drop-Off PlatformPlunge Track Saw, Track Pack and Suitable for use by Tradesmen,Connectors, Plunge Track Saw Bag, Hobbyists and DIYers. and Work Clamps. A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS TOCode Voltage UnitCode Unit Code Unit MAKJR3060T-1 110V EachSIL918267 Each SIL201391 Each SUIT YOUR NEEDS MAKJR3060T-2 240V Each528 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'