b'GARDENING & OUTDOORPICKS & MATTOCKSPICKS & MATTOCKS PLANTS GARDENING & OUTDOOR5lb Double Chisel MattockSilverline 675033 PickRentokil FP05 Plant LabelSilverline (921382) 3-Tier Head Mattock Head 5lb Insect Traps Plant Support 180, 200 & 220mm DiameterDrop forged steel heads are used for ground breaking. Points cut deep into hard ground,Forged steel head, suitable for asphalt and concrete breaking hard ground, levering stones and flags. 1 x horizontal Code Unit chisel end and 1 x pick end. with 70 BULCM5 Each x 50mm socket. Fits standard pick handle.7lb Navvy Pick & HandleCode Unit Traps greenfly, whitefly, flies, ants, PICKS & MATTOCKS & PLANTS(Chisel and Point) fungus, gnats and other insect pests.Durable steel ring support with rust-SIL675033 Each Ideal for indoor plants, greenhousesresistant plastic coating provides and seed trays. Easy to write on,stability to vigorous and growing Silverline 675117 Fibreglassdouble - sided stickers. Contains 10plants.Pick Handle 900mm sticky labels.Code UnitCode UnitSIL921382 EachRENFP05 EachSilverline (437937) DeepSilverline (972045) Garden Code Unit Planting Bag 800 x 800 xGrow Set 4pce 300 x 450mmHNHPICKCOMPLETE Each Can be used with either pick or300mmmattock heads. Lightweight and 7lb Navvy Pick Head Chisel &moisture-resistant with excellent Point shock-absorbing qualities. High density polypropylene-covered fibreglass core.Code UnitPick head only. SIL675117 Each Head weight 7lbSilverline GT45 Grubbing Supplied as a head only Double-laminated, UV-stabilised,Drop forged from one piece Mattock 5lb 100gsm woven polyethylene.Rustproof plant support with Pick head with chisel point Suitable for growing vegetables andhigh quality, powder-coated steel flowers.frame. Provides discreet support to Code Unit Code Unit long-stemmed plants as they grow BULPA5 Each through the frame. Includes 3 x SIL437937 Each support legs and 1 x grow frame.Hardwood Navvy Pick HandleForged steel head, suitable forSilverline (467823) PlantCode Unit36 grubbing out tree roots and breakingSupport Ring 140mmSIL972045 Eachheavy earth and clays. 1 x horizontalDiameterand 1 x vertical chisel end. 70 xSilverline 197535 Adjustable 50mm socket. Fits standard pickPlant Tieshandle.Code UnitCode Size UnitSILGT45 EachHANHNHPICKHANDLE 900mm EachHickory Navvy Pick HandleSilverline HA56 Pick Head 7lb36Green polypropylene ties for tying and controlling plants and bushes. Ideal for use in the garden or Durable steel ring support with rust- greenhouse. Adjustable.resistant plastic coating provides Forged steel with 70 x 50mm socket.stability to vigorous and growingCode UnitReplacement Hickory Pick Shaft.Chisel one end and point the other.plants. SIL197535 Pack 30Finest Quality and strength Grade AFits standard handle.Hickory shaft with BS Standard 3Code Unit Code UnitSIL467823 Each Silverline 222517 Pea & Bean x 2 eye. SILHA56 Each Support Net 4 x 1.7mCode Size Unit Silverline Bamboo SticksHNH556H36 900mm Each Silverline WH60 Solid Beech Pick Handle 900mmMattock With Hardwood Handle 5lbProvides lightweight support to Solid beech handle with smoothBamboo sticks for long-lasting,climbing pea and bean plants, finish, suitable for use with mattocksweather-resistant support of plants,ensuring optimum growth and yield. or pick axes with 70 x 50mm ovalindoors and out. Rot-proof and tangle-free. 130mm socket. Code Size Unit spacing. Reusable.Code Unit Code Unit SIL496102 600mm Pk 25 Code UnitMATTOCKCOMPLETE Each SILWH60 Each SIL688506 300mm Pk 50 SIL222517 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 175'