b'HAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSHAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSDRAIN & PIPE CLEANERSMonument 1461D MicroMonument 3344K DrainSilverline (473719) HeavySilverline 580450 Large Sink Plunger Yellow Cleaning Spring 25 Duty Sink Plunger 155 xPlunger 160mm500mmPLUMBERS TOOLSPlastic sink plunger with large head for easy blockage removal. Head Durable, easy-clean polyethylene,detaches for cleaning.Monument drain auger with a hollowheavy duty sink plunger for fastCode UnitSmall plunger that is ideal forspring 1/4in diameter wire cableunblocking of sinks, toilets and clearing small hand basins. Compactwith a bulbous head for unblockingurinals. Bellows design ensuresSIL580450 Eachdesign for ease of storage. 100mmsinks, urinals and small drains etc.excellent suction. 65mm (2-1/2) cup plunger diameter. Use for bathroomLength: 7.5m (25ft) long retractable.diameter. Length 500mm. Silverline (633025) Drain sinks and kitchen sinks. Diameter: 6mm (1/4 in). Code Unit Auger Drill Powered 6mm x 7mCode Unit Code Size Unit SIL473719 EachMON1461D Each MON3344K 25 EachSilverline (620330) Sink Monument 2161X Pango PowerMonument 909L Sink WastePlunger 130 x 310mmPlunger CleanerHeavy duty rotating steel wire coil inside stationary plastic tube for unblocking drains and toilets. Hex tip attaches to any electric or air-Durable, easy-clean polyethylenepowered drill. Fitted with a safety plunger for fast unblocking ofclutch that operates if the wire coil kitchen sinks and basins. Bellowsbecomes snagged or jammed while design ensures excellent suction.being power-driven.100mm (4) cup diameter. LengthCode UnitGalvanised steel wire with gripping310mm. SIL633025 Each Fit most shower, bath, basin andhandle for clearing sink, shower andCode Unitbath wastes. 6ft.bidet wastes SIL620330 Each Silverline (676660) VideoFitted with a pressure relief valve Code Unit Inspection Camera with ColourActivated via the trigger MON909L Each Silverline (862101) MicroLCD Monitor 640 x 480Blast away blockages Plunger 120 x 185mm Easy to use Monument MP1600 Toilet Code Unit Plunger BlackMON2161X EachMonument 3015M WoodenIP67 waterproof colour camera Flux Brushes Pack-3 with super-thin 8mm head and 1m Durable, easy-clean polyethyleneflexible camera cable. Easy visual plunger with soft-sealing lip for ainspections in restricted areas. Colour tight seal. Provides fast unblocking2.3 TFT LCD screen with clear High displacement for toilets andof basins and small sinks. Bellowspicture resolution. Lens-mounted LED gulleys. design ensures excellent suction.lights with adjustable brightness for 100mm (4) cup diameter. Lengthinspecting areas with low visibility up Code Unit 185mm. to 1.5m. Video out for image playback Pack of three flux brushes withMONMP1600 Each on larger monitor. Includes accessory wooden handles. Length - 195mm.Code Unit kit, 4 x AA batteries and carry case.Head - 10mm. Silverline (342654) DrainSIL862101 Each Code UnitCode Unit Auger with Brush 3m SIL676660 EachMON3015M-1 Each Silverline (986626) Mini Plunger 130 x 380mm Silverline 197391 Toilet Drain Monument 3025R-1 CleaningAuger 1.6mPads Pack-6Strong plastic handle with springDurable, easy-clean polyethyleneClears solid items from blocked steel corkscrew wire and brush end.plunger with soft-sealing lip for aWCs and drains. Flexible protective Medium grade pads for cleaning,9mm dia galvanised spring wire.tight seal. Provides fast unblockingsleeve allows corkscrew probe polishing, rust removal, scrubbingCleans debris and fat residue fromof basins and small sinks. Bellowsto be inserted into inaccessible and blending. Washable, will not rustsink drains, traps and wastepipes.design ensures excellent suction.areas using winding action. Plastic and does not break up during use.Can also be used to clear other100mm (4) cup diameter. LengthL-shaped sleeve protects toilet bowl. 50 x 250mm. Pack of 6. household pipes. 380mm. Barrel head on 9mm steel spring.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitMON3025R-1 Each SIL342654 Each SIL986626 Each SIL197391 Each272 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'