b'IRONMONGERYDOOR BOLTSIRONMONGERYDOOR BOLTS DOOR FITTINGSTOWER BOLTS BELL PUSH CYLINDER PULLSSecurit Tower Bolt Black Securit S2257 VictorianSecurit Cylinder PullSecurit S2941 Cylinder Pull Brass Oblong Bell Push Aluminium ChromeDOOR BOLTS & DOOR FITTINGSCode Size UnitMPSS1581 75mm Each Code Size Unit Code Size UnitMPSS1582 100mm Each Code Size Unit MPSS3144 75mm Each MPSS2941 75mm EachMPSS1583 150mm Each MPSS2257 75mm Each BulkMPSS1584 200mm Each MPSB3144BULK 75mm Each Securit S3328 Cylinder Pull MPSS1585 250mm Each Securit S2942 Bell PushBlack AntiqueBulk Chrome Securit S2255 Victorian Brass Cylinder PullMPSB1581BULK 75mm EachMPSB1582BULK 100mm EachMPSB1583BULK 150mm EachMPSB1584BULK 200mm EachMPSB1585BULK 250mm EachSecurit Tower Bolt Galvanised (923A)Code Size Unit Code Size Unit Code Size UnitMPSS2942 75mm Each MPSS2255 75mm Each MPSS3328 125mm EachDOOR CHAINERA 789 Door Restrictor ERA Door Securichain Securit Door Chain & Bolt 80mmCode Size UnitMPSS4722 100mm EachMPSS4723 150mm EachMPSS4724 250mm EachMPSS4725 250mm EachSecurit Tower Bolt GalvanisedThe ERA Concealed Door Chain Zinc Plated gives extra security for external doors and is fitted concealed in the door frame. Push button operation The ERA Door Restrictor is designedfacilitates quick and easy locking to limit door opening prior toand is especially suitable for the allowing entrance to visitors. It iselderly. When in the locked position,Code Finish Uniteasily applied and released when theconversation can take place throughMPSS1636 Electro Brass Eachdoor is closed. the door whilst being secured. TheMPSS1637 Chrome Plated EachConcealed Door Chain can only be Code Finish Unit unlocked when the door is closed.Code Size Unit ERA78932 Brass Each Code Finish Unit Securit Locking Door Chain MPSS1592 100mm Each 110mmERA78962 Chrome Each ERA70032 Electro Brass CardMPSS1593 150mm Each ERA70052 Satin Chrome CardMPSS1594 200mm Each ERA Door ChainBulk Securit Door Chain 80mmMPSB1592BULK 100mm EachMPSB1593BULK 150mm EachMPSB1594BULK 200mm EachSecurit Tower Bolt WhiteThe ERA Door Chains offer visible security, allowing conversation without giving access to visitors.Code Finish UnitERAs 791 Door Chain is suitable forMPSS1620 Electro Brass Eachfitting to timber or PVCu doors. MPSS1621 Chrome Plated EachCode Size Unit Code Finish Unit Loose Code Finish UnitMPSS1598 100mm Each ERA79132 Electro Brass Card MPSB1620BULK Brass Each MPSS1632 Electro Brass CardMPSS1599 150mm Each ERA79162 Chrome Plated Card MPSB1621BULK Chrome Each MPSS1633 Chrome Plated Each384 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'