b'GARDENING & OUTDOORGARDEN FORKSGARDEN FORKS GARDENING & OUTDOORSilverline 251218 StainlessSilverline 675067 GardenSilverline GT20 Muck ForkSpear & Jackson 4053NB Steel Hand Fork 270mm Border Fork 930mm Wood Handle 1300mm Elements Hand Fork 5Comfortable hardwood handle andHammer finish epoxy coated head 1.4mm stainless steel prongs reducefor improved resistance to rust, soil adhesion. Digging fork with polypropyleneHeavy-duty muck fork with longscratches, humidity and alkalines shaft and PD handle. Epoxy-coated,hardwood handle and 4-prongedin the soil. Weatherproofed (clear Code Unit hammer finish with flexible tines.lacquered) Ash wood shaft for GARDEN FORKS, GARDEN TIES & GARDEN TROWELSHardened to HRC 38/45. Individuallyforged steel head. greater durability.SIL251218 Each load-tested for 3 minutes at 55kg.Code Unit Code UnitSilverline 427524 DiggingCode Unit SILGT20 Each NEI4053NB/09 EachFork 1030mm SIL675067 EachSilverline GT21 Muck ForkSpear & Jackson 4990NB Silverline 819722 GardenMYD Handle 750mm Elements Digging ForkDigging Fork 1000mmSuitable for breaking up roughlyHammer finish epoxy coated head tilled soil in preparation for planting.for improved resistance to rust, Heavy-duty head with tubular steelscratches, humidity and alkalines shaft and MYD handle. HammeredDigging fork with polypropylenein the soil. Weatherproofed (clear paint finish. Tubular handle. shaft and PD handle. Epoxy-coatedForged, 4 prong, heavy-duty mucklacquered) Ash wood shaft for hammer finish, flexible tines.fork with MYD hardwood handle. greater durability.Code Unit Hardened to HRC 38/45. Individually SIL427524 Each load-tested for 3 minutes at 55kg. Code Unit Code UnitCode Unit SILGT21 Each NEI4990NB/09 EachSilverline 630035 Forged Contractors Fork 1120mm SIL819722 Each Spear & Jackson 4994NB Silverline GT24 Hay Fork Silverline 868698 Stainless1600mm Elements Border ForkSteel Digging Fork 1030mmHammer finish epoxy coated head Heavy-duty solid head, tubularfor improved resistance to rust, steel shaft and MYD handle. Idealscratches, humidity and alkalines for spreading hardcore, tarmac andForged, 2-prong, heavy-duty, woodenin the soil. Weatherproofed (clear placing material. Overall lengthStainless steel digging fork withhandled hay fork. lacquered) Ash wood shaft for 1120mm. polypropylene shaft and PD handle. greater durability.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL630035 Each SIL868698 Each SILGT24 Each NEI4994NB/09 EachGARDEN TIES GARDEN TROWELSSilverline 633968 Garden TieSilverline Garden Twisty Ties Kingfisher BP100 Bulb PlanterKingfisher CSHT Wooden Wire 30m Carbon Steel Handled Hand TrowelFrost-resistant, fully reusable Frost-resistant coated wire tie cordcoated wire for use in the garden, ideal for garden use. Cut to lengthgreenhouse and around the home.using built in blade. Reusable. Code Size UnitCode Unit SIL633941 2.5mm x 8m Each Code Unit Code UnitSIL633968 Each SIL868820 4.8mm x 5m Each BONBP100 Each BONCSHT EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 165'