b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIES DEKTONDekton DT80750 Hook &Dekton Multi-Surface SandingDekton DT80910 JigsawDekton DT80925 Jigsaw Loop Orbital Sanding SheetsSheets 280mm x 230mm Blades T Type Set Pack of 5 Blades T Type Set Pack of 1093mmx230mm AssortedPOWER TOOL ACCESSORIES5 jigsaw blades ideal for cutting10 jigsaw blades ideal for cutting Suitable for orbital sanders.Multi-surface sandpaper sheetsthrough wood and plastic. Assorted Multi-surface: wood, metal, plaster,for wood, metal, walls, ceilings.blades for fast and clean cuts. Extrathrough wood and plastic. Assorted plastics, fibreglass, paint. 93mm xTougher and quicker than ordinarystrong HCS 75mm and 50mm blades.blades for fast and clean cuts. Extra 230mm. Includes: Extra Coarse (40sandpaper. Ideal for removal ofT-Style fitting compatible with: AEG,strong HCS 75mm and 50mm. grit), Coarse (60 grit), Medium (80multi coats of old paint and varnish.ELU, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Festool,T-Style fitting compatible with: AEG, grit), Fine (120 grit). 280mm x 230mm. Makita, Metabo, Atlas-Copco. ELU, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Festool, Code Unit Code Grit Unit Code Unit Makita, Metabo, Atlas-Copco.DEKDT80750 93mm Each DEKDT80772 40 Pk 10 DEKDT80910 EachCode UnitDekton Hook & Loop SandingDEKDT80774 100 Pk 10 DEKDT80925 EachSheets 93mm x 185mm DEKDT80776 220 Pk 10 Dekton DT80915 Jigsaw DEKDT80778 Assorted Pk 9 Blades B & D Type Set PackDEKTON PROLIGHTof 5Dekton Wet & Dry SandingDekton DT50511 Pro Light Sheets 280mm x 230mm XA55 Pathfinder Head TorchSuitable for detail sanders. Multi-surface: wood, metal, plaster, plastics, fibreglass, paint. 93mm x5 jigsaw blades ideal for cutting55 lumens. 10m beam distance. 185mm. through wood and plastic. AssortedHigh intensity LEDs. Headband with Code Grit Unit blades for fast and clean cuts.over-head strap. One button action. Extra strong HCS 75mm and 50mmHeadtorch dimensions: Height: 4cm, DEKDT80752 40 Pk 5 blades. BD Style fitting compatible DEKDT80754 60 Pk 5 Multi-surface wet and drywith: Black & Decker, Ryobi, Hitachi,Length: 7cm, Depth: 4.5cm. 3 x AAA DEKDT80756 80 Pk 5 sandpaper sheets for wood, metal,Kress, Stanley, Dewalt, Makita, Skil. batteries included.DEKDT80758 120 Pk 5 plaster, plastics, fiberglass, paint.Code Unit Code UnitTougher and quicker than ordinary DEKDT80760 Assorted Pk 4 sandpaper. 280mm x 230mm. DEKDT80915 Each DEKDT50511 EachDekton Hook & Loop DetailCode Grit Unit Dekton DT80920 JigsawDekton DT50513 Pro Light Sanding Sheets 100mm xDEKDT80780 80 Pk 10 Blades B & D Type Set PackXA50 Expedition Head Torch140mm DEKDT80782 320 Pk 10 of 10DEKDT80784 600 Pk 10DEKDT80786 Assorted Pk 9Dekton Steel Wool 300gSuitable for detail sanders. Multi-surface: wood, metal, plaster, plastics, fibreglass, paint. 100mm xUse for final finishes on multi- 10 jigsaw blades ideal for cutting50 lumens. 10m beam distance. High 140mm. surfaces - wood, metal, paint &through wood and plastic. Assortedintensity LED. One button action. Code Grit Unit varnish. blades for fast and clean cuts. ExtraHeadtorch dimensions: Height: 5cm, strong HCS 75mm and 50mm. BDLength: 7cm, Depth: 5cm. Headband DEKDT80762 40 Each Code Description Unit Style fitting compatible with: Black DEKDT80764 60 Each DEKDT80810 Fine Each & Decker, Ryobi, Hitachi, Kress,with over-head strap. 3 x AAA DEKDT80766 80 Each DEKDT80815 Medium Each Stanley, Dewalt, Makita, Skil. batteries included.DEKDT80768 120 Each DEKDT80820 Coarse Each Code Unit Code UnitDEKDT80770 Assorted Each DEKDT80825 Assorted Pk 3 DEKDT80920 Each DEKDT50513 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 35'