b'HAND TOOLSSOCKETS & SPANNERSHAND TOOLSSOCKETS & SPANNERSSPANNERSMonument 2032HMonument 3240U Tap BackSilverline Reversible RatchetSilverline (782343) Heavy Compression Fit Spanner Nut Box Spanners 4pc Spanner Duty Compression Nut Spanner 15 & 22mmSOCKETS & SPANNERSA Plumbers compression fitting spanner for tightening and loosening most 15 and 22mm compression fitting nuts.Code Size Unit Double ended plated steel boxHardened and tempered chromeHeavy duty spanner made from spanners for quick assembly of tapvanadium steel, chrome-plateddurable steel. Double-ended with MON2032H 12 (300mm) Each back nuts on basins. for corrosion resistance. Forward/ 24mm end for 15mm compression reverse quick-change thumbfittings and 32mm for 22mm Monument 2039C SpannerCode Unit lever saves time repositioning thecompression fittings. Toolbox 28mm MON3240U Each spanner. 15 offset head, ideal foressential for plumbers, heating use in restricted areas. 72 teeth / 5installers, contractors and engineers. ratchet action. Conforms to DIN895.Monument Radiator Valve Spanner 12mm Code Size Unit Code UnitSIL308062 8mm Each SIL782343 EachCompression nut spanner singleSIL394222 9mm Eachended drop forged 39 mm A/F toSIL312296 11mm Each Silverline (842009) Chainsaw suit most 28mm compression nuts.SIL926542 12mm Each Spanner 13 x 19mm Hex Drop forged. Easy to use. HardenedSocketsjaw. Zinc plated steel spanner withSIL627130 13mm EachCode Size Unit comfortable, slightly offset, handle.SIL630925 14mm EachFor 3/8in & 10mm square sectionSIL428813 15mm EachMON2039C 28mm Each radiator vent plugs & bleed screws & 5.5mm profile for Lockshield valves.SIL504290 16mm EachMonument 2042MHexagon: 1/2in. 12.7 mm. SIL768846 17mm EachCompression Fitting SpannersCode Desc. Unit SIL625320 18mm Each15mm & 22mm Pack-2 MON2053U Hex Each SIL605323 19mm EachBox spanner for spark plugs and MON2054X Release Key 12mm Each SIL530458 22mm Each blade bar bolts. Slotted screwdriver SIL320067 24mm Each end for chain tensioning screw. Priory 310 Double EndedBright plating for corrosion Scaffold Spanner resistance. Overall length 185mm. Silverline (345653) MonoblocBox spanner profile 2mm.Back Nut Tap Spanner Long Pattern 27 & 32mm Code UnitSIL842009 EachPressed steel compression fittingSilverline 101528 Double-Ended spanners. Double ended with 15mmScaffold Spanner 7/16 & 1/2and 22mm for tightening and Socket Size: 7/16 & 1/2loosening of compression fitting Length: 230mmnuts. Heavy Duty. Twin PackDiameter: 15mm Code Unit Code UnitMON2042M Each PRI310DE EachCorrosion-resistant, zinc-plated Monument 323F Tap Back Nutsteel with easy-grip matt finish. For Priory 325 Spinner Scaffoldfitting back nuts to monobloc taps Box Spanner 27 x 32mm Spanner in restricted access areas. Includes tommy bar. Length 205mm.Hardened carbon steel Whitworth Code Unit double-ended scaffold spanner.SIL345653 EachCode UnitDouble ended box spanner for quickLength: 230mm Silverline (753123) Double- SIL101528 Eachassembly of tap back nuts on basins. Ended Gas Bottle Spanner 27 Code Size Unit Code Unit & 30mm Silverline Twin PodgerMON323F 27 x 32mm Each PRI325 EachMonument 361T Box TypePriory Scaffold Spanner 7/16Immersion SpannerOpen-ended zinc-plated steel Length: 230mm. Diameter: 19mm. spanner with 27mm and 30mmHardened and tempered bi hex Made with an octagon at the baseends. Corrosion resistant. Connectssocket with 2-way ratchet action. of the cylindrical section to enableCode Size Unit butane and propane regulators toTapered drop-forged handle for really tight immersion heaters to beChunky gas bottles. Also tightens connectionquick easy alignment of bolt holes.loosened by striking the handle. PRI311716 12mm Each nuts on gas regulators. Code Size UnitCode Unit Heavy duty Code Unit SIL633618 17 x 19mm EachMON361T Each PRI300 12mm Each SIL753123 Each SIL102116 17 x 21mm Each312 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'