b'HAND TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLSHAND TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLSMARKING TOOLS & GAUGES MITRE BOXESSilverline 427567 MarkingSilverline 94185 DovetailStanley 0-47-316 Black FineSilverline 155319 Expert Mitre Knife 180mm Gauge 75mm 9 degree Marker Box 300 x 90mmWOOD WORKING TOOLSRosewood knife bevelled on one side for accurate marking. Blade lengthQuick drying water resistant ink 50mm.Blued steel blade with solid brassmarks on almost any surfacesCode Unit reference face. Hardwood stock with Packet of 2SIL427567 Each 3 brass rivets ensures secure fixingCode Unit Mitre box with 90, 45 and 22.5 and long life. 9 pitch for softwood.cutting angles.Silverline 783106 MiniBlade length 75mm. STA047316 Pk 2Marking Gauge 130mm Code UnitCode Unit MITRE BOXES SIL155319 EachSIL94185 EachRST RC029 Wood Mitre BlockSilverline 335464 Mitre Box Silverline Adjustable Bevel 9 & Saw 300 x 90mmHardwood body. Knurled brass adjusting screw. Single hardened adjusting spur.Code UnitSIL783106 Each A range of mitre blocks and boxes Polished hardwood stock with solidsuitable for the DIY enthusiast.Silverline 793764 Minibrass end cap and adjusting wingBeechwood constructionMortice Gauge 130mm nut. Blued steel blade.45/90 angle guides Lightweight, high-impact ABS plastic Code Size UnitUK made mitre box with saw. SILCB71 190mm Each Code Unit Code UnitSILCB72 230mm Each RSTRC029 Each SIL335464 EachSilverline Carpenters Square RST RC030 Wood Mitre BlockSilverline Mitre BoxHardwood body, finished in a12deep-coat lacquer and knurled solid brass adjusting screw. Inlaid brassware faces and brass slide, and 2 hardened marking spurs.Code UnitSIL793764 EachTough hardwood stocks and Silverline 868503 Morticecorrosion-resistant, blued steelFor accurate cutting of mitres Gauge 230mm blades. Precisely milled. Heavyand butt joints. For picture rails, gauge brass faces for accuracy, andA range of mitre blocks and boxesdado rails, small mouldings and 3 rivet fixings for strength. suitable for the DIY enthusiast. all medium works. Use with tenon Code Size UnitBeechwood construction or back saw. 2 x 45 and one 9045/90 angle guides cutting angle.SIL282425 3 (72mm) EachUK madeCode Size UnitSIL675094 6 (150mm) EachSILCB75 9 (230mm) Each Code Size Unit SIL408978 190 x 55mm EachHardwood body with deep-coatRSTRC030 12 (300mm) Each SIL447130 250 x 85mm Eachlacquer finish and knurled brassSIL868574 12 (300mm) Eachadjusting screw. Inlaid brasswareRST Wood Mitre Box Stanley 1-19-212 Saw Storage faces and brass slide. 2 hardenedStanley 1-47-329 Mini Markersmarking spurs. Mitre BoxCode UnitSIL868503 EachSilverline CB78 Marking Gauge 230mmA range of mitre blocks and boxesQuick drying water and oil resistantsuitable for the DIY enthusiast. Beechwood constructionink marks on almost any surfaceHardwood body with knurled brass In variety of colours for different 45/90 angle guidesUK madeadjusting screw and single hardenedapplications (black, red, green andLightweight, high impact ABS plastic marking spur. blue) e.g. live, earth and neutral Code Size Unit mitre box for strength and durability.Code Unit Code Unit RSTRC031 9 Each Code UnitSILCB78 Each STA147329 Each RSTRC032 12 Each STA119212 Each358 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'