b'POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESPOWER TOOL BLADESPOWER TOOL BLADES POWER TOOL ACCESSORIESJIGSAW BLADESHeller Jigsaw Blade MetalHilka 69700014 Jigsaw BladeHilka Wood Jigsaw BladesMakita No.23 Metal Cutting Fast Cut Set 14pc Bayonet 100mm 5pc Blade 160mm 9tpiCode Size UnitMAK792148-9 160mm Pk 5Makita No.24 Metal Cutting High quality 65Mn steel, 100mm jigsawBlade 160mm 24tpiProfessional jigsaw blades: fast,blade set for cutting wood. Bayonet precise, durable.The right jigsawHigh quality blades 2 each 14,18,fitting. Contains 5 x HCS 100mm.blade for any application. Available24 and 32 teeth. Cobalt steel forCode Unitmetal and 2 each 6, 8 and 10 teeth POWER TOOL BLADESin various materials, tpis and cutsalloy blades for wood and plastic.HIL69721005 Each Code Size Unitfor optimal results. Matched toUniversal fittings for most jig saws.MAK792149-7 160mm Pk 5all popular machines. SuperiorPacked in plastic carrying case.performance and precise cutting. Hilka Wood Jigsaw Blades Code Unit Universal 100mm 5pc Makita No.3 Jig Blade For Code Teeth Unit Coarse WoodFast Cut (T118A) HIL69700014 EachHEL240017 1.2mm Each Hilka 69707014 Jigsaw Blade Fast Cut (T118B) Assortment 14pcHEL240024 2mm Each Code UnitFast Cut (T127D) MAKA-85868 Pk 5HEL240031 3mm Each Makita No.4 Jig Blade For Mild High quality 65Mn steel, 100mm jigsaw blade set for cutting wood. UniversalSteelHeller Sabre Saw Blade Steel fitting. Contains 5 x HCS 100mmCode UnitHIL69741005 Each Code UnitMakita A-85905 No.5 JigsawMAKA-85874 Pk 5Suitable for Bosch and otherBlade For Stainless Steel Makita No.41 Jig Blade Down bayonet fitting saws. Colour codedCut Typefor different materials. Suitable for Professional sabre saw blades.wood plastic and metal. Uses cobalt Fast, precise and durable. The rightand alloy steel blades.sabre saw blade for any application.Code UnitAvailable in various materials, TPICode Unit MAKA-85905 Pk 5 Code Unitand cuts for optimal results. MatchedHIL69707014 Each MAKA-85880 Pk 5to all popular machines. Superior performance and precise cutting. Makita No.1 Jig Blades For Hilka Metal Jigsaw BladesFine Steel Makita No.42 Jig Blade Code Desc. Unit Bayonet 100mm 5pc Plastic/laminateClean Rough Cut (S1122BF)HEL240383 180mm 14TPI EachClean Rough Cut (S1122EF) Code UnitHEL240390 180mm 18TPI Each MAKA-85802 Pk 5 Code UnitClean Rough Cut (S922EF) MAKA-85896 Pk 5HEL240376 130mm 18TPI Each Makita No.10 Jig Blade Xfine For Wood Makita No.8 Jig Blade Smooth Heller Sabre Saw Blade Wood High quality bi-metal, 100mm jigsawCut Woodblade set for cutting metal. Bayonet fitting. Contains 5 x HCS 100mm.Code Unit Code UnitHIL69721505 Each MAKA-85818 Pk 5 Code UnitMAKA-85911 Pk 5Hilka Metal Jigsaw BladesMakita No.2 Jig Blade For Med Universal 100mm 5pc Steel Makita No.B11 Jig Blade Softwood PlasticProfessional sabre saw blades. Fast, precise and durable. The right sabre saw blade for any application.Code UnitAvailable in various materials, TPIMAKA-85852 Pk 5 Code Unitand cuts for optimal results. MatchedMAKA-85634 Pk 5to all popular machines. SuperiorMakita No.21 Metal Cutting performance and precise cutting. Blade 120mm 24tpi Makita No.B12 Jig Blade Wood Code Desc. Unit PlasticHigh quality bi-metal, 100mm jigsaw Clean Cut (S644D) blade set for cutting metal. Universal HEL240420 130mm 6TPI Each fitting. Contains 5 x HCS 100mm.Fast Cut (S1531L) Code Unit Code Size Unit Code UnitHEL240444 220mm 4-5TPI Each HIL69741505 Each MAK792146-3 120mm Pk 5 MAKA-85640 Pk 5Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 481'