b'PLUMBINGVALVES AND TAPSVALVES AND TAPS WASHING MACHINEPLUMBINGFITTINGSSecurplumb SU9728 HoseSecurplumb Float Valve HPSecurplumb SU9758 Check Union Back Plate With Tube Part Valve Single DZR 15mm WRAS Make PRO050 Standpipe For Washing MachineVALVES AND TAPS & WASHING MACHINE FITTINGSCode UnitCode Size Unit MPSSU9758 EachMPSSU9740 1 1/2 EachMPSSU9741 2 1/2 Each Securplumb SU9760 Washing Code Unit Machine LP Tap Straight MPSSU9728 Each Securplumb Isolating Valve LP15mm x 3/4 Chrome PlatedCxC BrassSecurplumb SU9730 Bib Tap with Double Check Valve DZRAn easy fit wash machine / dish 1/2 washer trap with stand pipe suitable for universal use available in white, this effective plumbing product uses easy grip compression nuts, tapered rubber seal, rubber O ring and a slip ring allowing for a secure water tight seal.Code Size Unit Code UnitMPSSU9760 Each Code UnitMPSSU9745 15mm Each MAKPRO050 EachMPSSU9749 22mm Each Securplumb SU9762 Washing Machine LP Tap Angled 15mmMake PRO069 Washing Securplumb Isolating Valve LPx 3/4 Chrome Plated Machine Outlet Tee 40mmCxC Chrome PlatedCode UnitMPSSU9730 EachSecurplumb SU9734 Drain Off Valve Capillary A Brass 1/2Code Size UnitHigh quality washing machine / dish MPSSU9750 22mm Each Code Unit washer tee outlet suitable for use MPSSU9752 15mm Each MPSSU9762 Each with push fit and Solvent weld pipes 40mm fittings in white.Securplumb SU9754 ServiceSecurplumb SU9764 WashingCode UnitCode Unit Valve Straight Chrome PlatedMachine Tap Tee 15mm x 3/4MAKPRO069 Each15mm x 1/2 Chrome PlatedMPSSU9734 EachMake PRO073 Inlet Hose Securplumb SU9736 Drain OffConnectorValve Capillary B Brass 15mmThis high quality hose inlet Code Unit connector is suitable when extending MPSSU9754 Each two hoses together.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitMPSSU9736 Each Securplumb SU9756 ServiceMPSSU9764 Each MAKPRO073 EachValve Angled Chrome Plated Securplumb SU9738 Gate15mm x 1/2 Securplumb SU9766 CheckMake PRO074 Outlet Hose Type Pump Valve 22mm Brass Valve Double DZR 15mmConnector 17mmWRASThis high quality hose outlet connector is suitable for 17mm connections when extending two outlet hoses together.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitMPSSU9738 Each MPSSU9756 Each MPSSU9766 Each MAKPRO074 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 45'