b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSSCREWSSCREWS FIXINGS & FASTENERSFORGEFAST WOOD SCREWS FRAME FIXINGS MACHINE SCREWSForgeFast Timber Fix ScrewFrame Fixing Machine Screws Bright ZincFixman (110674) Machine 2000H Green Torx Comp Plated Screws Pack 450pceCode Size UnitCode Size Unit M5 - Countersunk BagProfessional, high performanceM8 Bagtimber screws for fixing intoFOR25MSCSK540 40mm 25softwood or hardwood. GreenFOR10FF860 60mm 10 M6 - Countersunk BagSCREWSCoated Finish, Boxed. FOR10FF880 80mm 10 FOR25MSCSK620 20mm 25 Zinc-plated for corrosion resistance. FOR10FF8100 100mm 10 Self-tapping PZD pan head screws for Code Size (mm) Unit FOR25MSCSK630 30mm 25 multipurpose applications in the home, FORFFTF765 7.0 x 65 Box 50 FOR10FF8120 120mm 10 FOR25MSCSK640 40mm 25 workshop and garage. Assorted sizes: FOR10FF8135 135mm 10 M3 x 8, M4 x 25, M5 x 20, M3 x 12, M3 FORFFTF7100 7.0 x 100 Box 50 FOR25MSCSK650 50mm 25TIM08080NFF 80mm 100 x 20, M4 x 20, M4 x 40, M5 x 20, M5 FORFFTF7150 7.0 x 150 Box 50 x 50, M6 x 30 and M6 x 50. Handy FORFFTF7200 7.0 x 200 Box 50 TIM08100NFF 100mm 100 Machine Screws Bright Zincstorage case with compartments.FORFFTF7250 7.0 x 250 Box 40 TIM08120NFF 120mm 100 PlatedCode UnitM10 Bag SIL110674 EachTorx-Fast Screw AssortmentFOR10FF1080 80mm 10Organiser Case of 1000 FOR10FF10100 100mm 10 Fixman (804223) Machine FOR10FF10115 115mm 10 Screws & Nuts Pack 105pceFOR10FF10135 135mm 10 Code Size UnitFOR10FF10160 160mm 10 M3 - Pan Head BagTIM10080NFF 80mm 100 FOR25MSPH38 8mm 25TIM10100NFF 100mm 100 FOR25MSPH312 12mm 25TIM10120NFF 120mm 100 FOR25MSPH320 20mm 25TIM10140NFF 140mm 100 M4 - Pan Head BagTIM10160NFF 160mm 100 FOR25MSPH420 20mm 25FOR25MSPH430 30mm 25HAMMER FIXINGS FOR25MSPH440 40mm 25Professional, high-performanceM5 - Pan Head Bag Zinc plated for corrosion resistance. multi-purpose woodscrews.Frame Fixing Cross-slotted pan heads. Includes M5 Countersunk torx head compatibleFOR25MSPH512 12mm 25 and M6 hex nuts in assorted sizes recessed. Non-Cr, Cr3+, Yellow/ZincFOR25MSPH520 20mm 25 from M5 x 12 to M6 x 25mm. Handy Plated finish. Pack Contains: 3.5 xFOR25MSPH530 30mm 25 storage case with compartments.16mm (x150), 3.5 x 25mm (x100), 3.5 x 30mm (x180), 4.0 x 25mm (x130),FOR25MSPH540 40mm 25 Code Unit4.0 x 30mm (x140), 4.0 x 40mmFOR25MSPH550 50mm 25 SIL804223 Each(x100), Complete in a rigid andM6 - Pan Head Bagdurable easy to carry case.Code Size Unit FOR25MSPH620 20mm 25 MIRROR SCREWSCode Unit FOR25MSPH630 30mm 25FOROPFFT1000Y Case-1000 M5 Bag Forgefix Mirror Screws FOR10HF530 30mm 10 FOR25MSPH640 40mm 25 ChromeFOR10HF550 50mm 10 FOR25MSPH650 50mm 25M6 Bag Securit Machine Screws, Nuts FOR10HF630 30mm 10 & Washers Zinc PlatedFOR10HF640 40mm 10FOR10HF650 50mm 10FOR10HF660 60mm 10 Code Size UnitFOR10HF680 80mm 10 FOR10MS34CP 19mm Bag 10M8 Bag FOR10MS1CP 25mm Bag 10Operating from our siteFOR10MS114CP 32mm Bag 10in Wirral, we service ourFOR10HF860 60mm 10customers throughoutFOR10HF880 80mm 10 FOR10MS112CP 38mm Bag 10England and Wales,FOR10HF8100 100mm 10 Code Size Unit FOR10MS2CP 50mm Bag 10using our own fleet of 18FOR10HF8120 120mm 10 M3 Pkvehicles and couriers. Securit Mirror Screws Chrome FOR10HF8135 135mm 10 MPSS8401 25mm 16 Head Pack-4M10 Bag MPSS8402 40mm 10FOR10HF10100 100mm 10 M4 PkFOR10HF10135 135mm 10 MPSS8403 25mm 12FOR10HF10160 160mm 10 MPSS8404 40mm 8M5 Pk Code Size UnitMPSS8405 30mm 8 MPSS6791 20mm CardMPSS8406 50mm 6 MPSS6792 25mm CardM6 Pk MPSS6793 32mm CardMPSS8407 40mm 6 MPSS6794 38mm CardMPSS8408 60mm 4 MPSS6795 50mm CardOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 145'