b'HAND TOOLSTROWELS & ACCESSORIESHAND TOOLSTROWELS & ACCESSORIESFLOATS FLOORING TROWELSMarshalltown M44 WoodenSilverline Poly PlasteringVitrex 102915 Tile Wash Float Silverline (651591) Flooring Float 12x5 Float Trowel Soft-Grip 400 x 115mmTROWELS & ACCESSORIESMade from clear 3/4 thickLightweight float made from hard-Lightweight float with heavy duty seasoned redwood wearing rigid polyurethane foamfoam sponge Primarily used for leveling anthat will not warp under load.Ideal for quick cleaning of large, Hardened and tempered carbon smoothing concrete prior to finalCode Size Unit freshly grouted areas steel blade. Comfortable, soft-grip finish Code Unit handle for prolonged use. PointedAlso ideal when a slightly rougherSIL282375 180 x 320mm Eachfor corner finishing. Pistol grip concrete is desired SILCB56 140 x 280mm Each VIT102915 Each for controlled use. For rendering, Wood Handle levelling, smoothing and finishing Silverline Poly Sponge FloatFLOORING TROWELS large, flat areas.Code Unit 230mm Code UnitMARM44 Each Marshalltown M146D Square Ended Magnesium Hand FloatSIL651591 EachRST Polyurethane Float 20 x 3.1/8Silverline CB57 Flooring Trowel 400mmSponge pad bonded to a lightweight polyurethane float. Used for plaster Warp resistant float suitable for usesurface preparation prior to finalExtruded from very hard, durable, with wall plaster and screeds alongfinishing by trowel. Size 140 xlightweight magnesium. Pre-shaped with various other materials. Made230mm. across length and width of blade. Front from a hard wearing, non-absorbentand back of blade wont dig in, while structural foam polyurethane, thisCode Desc. Unit sides glide over surface. MagnesiumHardened tempered steel blade. sturdy one piece float features aSIL196493 Fine Each floats produce a smoother finish thanLarge diameter, Comfortable wooden cross grain surface, D handle and anSIL783080 Coarse Each wood. Durasoft handle provides ahandle.easy clean body. soft feel, reduces fatigue, and offers Code Size Unit Stadium BM83 Polyexcellent durability. Code UnitRSTRTR97F 350 x 150mm Each Plasterers Float Code Unit SILCB57 EachRSTRTR98F 280 x 110mm Each MARMB146D Each Spear & Jackson Soft Grip RSTRTR99F 295 x 115mm Each Flooring Trowel 16RST Flooring Trowel 16Silverline 633738 Epoxy Grout Float 237 x 100mm Spring steel blade Plasterers FloatsPointed tip297 x 108mm (11 x 4 1/4)400mm x 113mmFabricated polished and lacquered Code Size Unit Code Size Unit carbon steel blade.Dense, green rubber pad makes easySoft Grip Handlework of 100% and modified epoxy.STDBM83-2-1 11 x 4 Each Code UnitCan be used for both grouting andSTDBM83-1-1 14 x 6 Each RSTRTR201S 16 (400mm) Each NEI10616SF/14 Eachcleaning tiles. Wooden HandleCode Unit Vitrex 102900 Premium GroutRSTRTR201 16 (400mm) Each Tyzack 137 Premier Floor SIL633738 Each Float Trowel 18RST RTR6406 Tile Grouters Silverline 633845 WhiteFloat 9x4Grout Float 305 x 100mmTile grouter for grouting finished floor and wall tiles. A carbon steel trowel for applyingRubber pad mounted on a rigid and finishing mortar on floors. Grout float with 15mm EVA cushionpolyurethane base with integral18(457mm) x 0.56(1.4mm) thickPlastic handleand 3mm white rubber base.handleDouble hang carbon steel blade. Double hangBevelled edges and rounded frontFor fast, even grouting of large White surface diecast aluminium tang. Lacqueredcorners for even spreading. areasShaped grouting edges wooden handle. Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitSIL633845 Each VIT102900 Each RSTRTR6406 Each NEI13718G-08 18 (457mm) Each346 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'