b'DECORATINGOILS & KNOTTINGOILS & KNOTTING DECORATINGEverbuild Raw Linseed OilLiberon FO1L Finishing Oil 1L Ronseal 34544 Colron RefinedRonseal Perfect Finish 500ml Teak Oil 500ml Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil 750mlOILS & KNOTTINGA blend of natural oils and water Finishing Oil is a blend of highrepellents that penetrate deep intoProtect your outdoor chairs and quality oils for use on all interiorthe wood to replace lost natural oilstables against the weather and leave A traditional wood treatment for useand so avoid warping and splitting. them with a smooth perfect finish. on cricket bats, oak beams etc. andwood, turned woodwork and woodenApplication is easy and you can get as a lubricant in the French polishingtoys. Used to nourish and enhanceCode Colour Unit into all the nooks and crannies to industry. the colour of the wood, it is suitableRON34544 Natural Each ensure the oil protects every inch of for use on work tops, kitchen tablesyour garden furniture.Code Unit and bathroom furniture, and can EVERAWLIN Each also be applied to cork, stone andRonseal Colron Refined DanishCode Colour Unitterracotta. Water, heat, alcohol andOil 500mlfood acid resistant, it gives a matt,RON35668 Natural EachEverbuild Teak Oil 500ml satin or gloss finish depending uponRON35669 Teak Eachthe number of coats applied. Ideal for surfaces requiring a hard wearingRonseal Teak Oiland water-resistant finish, it is safe for use on toys.Code UnitLIBFO1L EachLiberon Garden Furniture Oil 1L A superior blend of natural oils and resins that penetrate the wood to provide a tough, durable and waterproof finish. It can be used on A traditional wood treatment used topreviously oiled or bare wood.replace the natural oils lost throughCode Colour Unitageing or weathering and brings outRON34545 Natural Each Our Teak Oil protects your garden the natural colour of wood. furniture all year around while RON35324 Antique Pine Each emphasising its natural colour. Teak Code Unit RON35325 Canadian Cedar Each Oil replaces the natural oils that are EVETEAK Each RON35326 Dark Mahogany Each lost through weathering and prevents RON35327 Georgian Medium Oak Each your wood from splitting and warping.Liberon BLO1L Boiled Linseed Oil 1L RON35328 Jacobean Dark Oak Each Code UnitThis Liberon product feeds, seals,Aerosolnourishes and protects the naturalRonseal Decking Oil RON35820 500ml Eachbeauty of exterior wood.CanCode Colour Unit RON35819 500ml EachLIBGFOCL1L Clear Each RON35821 1L EachLIBGFOTE1L Teak EachRonseal 36214 Colron Refined Liberon SDO500 SuperiorAntique Oil 500mlDanish Oil 500mlNourish and protect your decking Boiled Linseed Oil is used to givewhile leaving a lightly tinted finish. a mellow, patinated finish to newRainproof in only two hours and or stripped bare interior wood. Itready for a second coat in only six is a superior quality oil, similar tohours. Our Decking Oil stops water Raw Linseed, but has had hot airfrom seeping in and damaging your passed through it to improve dryingdeck. It also protects against the sun times. Suitable for use on all typesand stops it from turning grey.of wood, except exterior oak, it canCode Colour Unitalso be used as a traditional sealerLiberon Superior Danish Oil is a2.5Lfor terracotta tiles, stone floorsblend of pure tung oil and naturalColron Refined Antique Oil is a unique and other porous surfaces beforeoils which feeds and protects hardRON34770 Natural Each blend of resins and tung oil for use waxing. RON34771 Natural Cedar Each on interior wooden antiques, antique and soft woods. It is a penetrating Code Unit oil, which brings out the naturalRON34773 Natural Oak Each furniture and other fine wooden LIBBLO1L Each grain of the timber and provides aRON34774 Natural Pine Each surfaces. Can be buffed to a soft satin to gloss sheen. With added UVsheen. The surface finish hardens filters to help prevent discolouration5L to form a durable protective coating from the sun, this oil is suitable forRON35190 Natural Each which is easy to maintain and will both interior and exterior use. RON35803 Natural Cedar Each protect more high-use furniture.Code Unit RON35804 Natural Oak Each Code UnitLIBSDO500 Each RON35805 Natural Pine Each RON36214 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 77'