b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESPEST CONTROLCLEANING & HOUSEWARESPEST CONTROLMOTH CONTROL RAT & MOUSE KILLERRentokil FA115 Moth KillerRentokil FMF01 Food MothRentokil PSC100 Clothes MothRentokil FBSM01 Mouse Bait Strips Pack-2 Traps PACK/3 Killer Spray StationLockable bait station for miceIdeal for more secure baitingFor use with all Rentokil baits PEST CONTROL (Blocks/Pasta/Sachets)Code Unit F ully ReusableRENFA115 Pk 2Code UnitRentokil FM120 Clothes Moth T raps food damaging moths Can be used in clothing storageRENFBSM01 EachKiller HangersAlso traps beetles & crawlingareas and carpets. Rentokil FBSR02 Rat Bait insectsKills clothes moths, carpet moths, Easy to use folding trap carpet beetles in the home Station Poison freeProvides long-lasting protection Code Qty. Unit Contains Permethrin and D-AllethrinRENFMF01 Pack of 3 EachCode UnitRentokil FMP13 Clothes MothRENPSC100 EachGlue TrapRentokil PSC50 Carpet Moth & Beetle Killing Powder 150g Kills eggs, larvae & adult mothsLockable bait station for rats Last up to 4 months Ideal for more secure baiting Can be hung or laid flat. Low odour,For use with all Rentokil baits no drips or stains (Blocks/Pasta/Sachets) Contains 4 hangersF ully ReusableCode Qty. Unit Code UnitRENFM120 4 hangers Each RENFBSR02 EachRentokil FM41 Clothes MothRentokil FC100 Clean Kill Killer Cassette Mouse Traps 2pk Glue trap kills adult mothsIdeal for wardrobes and smallrooms Kills eggs, larvae and adults. AlsoLasts up to 3 months. (Refills can kills antsbe purchased under code FMP14) F ast and effective controlCode UnitRENFMP13 Each Code UnitRENPSC50 EachRentokil FMP14 Clothes MothSimple to bait, set and dispose. Glue Trap Refill Rentokil PSI37 Insectrol MothPowerful, humane mouse control. No Kills adults, eggs and larvae ofKiller 250ml need to touch the mouse.the clothes moth, and is ideal forCode Qty. Unitcupboards, wardrobes and hanging clothing. Easy to hang up using theRENFC100 Twin pack Eachbuilt-in hook. The citrus fragrance freshens your wardrobe. Rentokil FE35 Electronic Code Unit Mouse TrapRENFM95 PK 2RENFM41 PK 4Fixman 426900 Clothes Moth Trap Pack-2Two refills suitable for FMP13 glue trap Glue trap kills adult moths Spray kills fleas, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, bedbugs and most otherHighly powerful, discreet, reusableIdeal for wardrobes and smallinsects. Contains permethrin andbattery powered mouse trap to killrooms d-allethrin. Offers long lastingmice fast and humanely. Kills over 100Lasts up to 3 months. (Trap can beprotection. Use biocides safely. Thismice on one set of batteries. Requirespurchased under code FMP13) product is intended for indoor use. 4 x AA batteries (not included).Code Unit Code Qty. Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL426900 Each RENFMP14 2 refills Each RENPSI37 Each RENFE35 Each62 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'