b'HAND TOOLSPLIERS & SNIPSPLIERS & SNIPS HAND TOOLSBENT NOSE PLIERS CIRCLIP PLIERS COMBINATION PLIERSSilverline 250360 Bent NoseHilka External Circlip PliersSilverline Bent ExternalHilka 26100700 Mini Mini Pliers 130mm Straight Jaw 7 Circlip Pliers Combination Plier Soft GripPLIERS & SNIPSHardened and tempered carbonChrome vanadium steel with steel jaws, for accurate and delicateaccurately machined and hardened work. 2-tone soft-grip handles withtips and PVC dipped handles. High quality drop forged carbon return springs for repetitive tasks. Made of high quality chromesteel with soft grip handles.Code Unit vanadium steel with non-slipCode Size Unit Code Unitdipped handle for greater comfort. SIL250360 Each Hardened tips allowing for accurateSILPL75 7 (180mm) Each HIL26100700 Eachand durable use. SIL595758 9 (230mm) EachStanley 0-89-872 FatmaxHilka 26700008 Heavy Duty Bent Long Nose Plier Code Unit Silverline External CirclipCombination PliersHIL25181007 Each PliersHilka Internal Circlip Pliers Bent Jaw 7 Bi-material handle with secure grip grooving Chrome vanadium steel externalHeat treated high chrome steelcirclip pliers. Accurately machinedHigh quality pliers finished in and hardened tips and PVC dipped forging for long life and durability handles. micro (nickel chrome) plating Hand ground, induction hardenedfor corrosion protection. The 2 blade for long life and high qualityCode Size Unit Component comfort grips are accuracy SILPL70 7 (180mm) Each excellent for continuous working.Interlocking joint assembly forMade of high quality chromeInduction hardened cutting edgessmooth cutting vanadium steel with non-slipSILPL77 9 (230mm) Each give continuous performance. OpenDIN / ASO / ANSI compliant dipped handle for greater comfort.blister card packaging.Hardened tips allowing for accurate Code Size Unit and durable use. Silverline Internal CirclipCode Size UnitPliersSTA089872 8 Each Code Unit HIL26700008 8 (200mm) EachHIL25182007 Each Hilka Soft Grip Combination CIRCLIP PLIERSHilka Internal Circlip PliersPliersHilka 4 Head Circlip Plier SetStraight Jaw 7Pro CraftChrome vanadium steel internal circlip pliers. Accurately machined and hardened tips and PVC dipped handles.Code Size UnitSILPL60 7 (180mm) EachSILPL76 9 (230mm) Each High quality carbon steel with soft Made of high quality chromegrip handles excellent for continuous Easy to fit circlip plier heads covervanadium steel with non-slipCOMBINATION PLIERS working. Fully heat treated.internal and bent applications.dipped handle for greater comfort. Supplied with two straight and 45Hardened tips allowing for accurateCode Size Unitand durable use. Eclipse Engineers Combi Plier HIL26100306 6 Eachand 90 degree tips.Code Unit Code Unit HIL26100307 7 EachHIL28505104 Each HIL25183007 Each Hilka VDE Combination Pliers Hilka External Circlip PliersSilverline Bent Nose Internal8Bent Jaw 7 Circlip PliersMulti-purpose pliers for cutting, gripping and twisting. Induction hardened cutting edges for cutting medium hard wire. Pipe grip for gripping pipes, rods and other components. Serrated jaw Made of high quality chromefor gripping nuts, bolts, studs vanadium steel with non-slipChrome vanadium steel withand similar objects. Joint cutter dipped handle for greater comfort.accurately machined and hardenedfor cleanly cropping soft wire.VDE/GS approved. Chrome vanadium Hardened tips allowing for accuratetips and PVC dipped handles. Ergonomic soft feel handles steel. Soft grip handle. Certified to and durable use. Code Size Unit Code Size Unit EN60900, insulated to 1000v ACCode Unit SILPL65 7 (180mm) Each NEIPW21696/11 160mm Each Code UnitHIL25180007 Each SIL595751 9 (230mm) Each NEIPW21697/11 180mm Each HIL26970008 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 261'