b'HAND TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLSHAND TOOLSWOOD WORKING TOOLSPLANESSilverline 103696 SurfaceSilverline 351498 SurfaceSilverline 598452 MiniStanley 0-12-313 S2 Plane Forming Plane Forming Plane Moulded BodyScraper Plane 80mm Iron 50mm140 x 43mmWOOD WORKING TOOLSChrome carbon steel for excellent edge retention. Ground to 25 degrees ready for honing.Die cast body with comfort gripCode Size Unitpolypropylene handle. For all typesQuality rosewood and brass plane,STA012313 50mm Eachof wood, aluminium, copper, plasticFor use on all types of wood,ideal for hobbyist or cabinet maker.and laminate. 2-position handlealuminium, copper, plastics and enables use as plane or file. laminates. Lightweight, mouldedCode Unit Stanley 0-12-331 Block Plane body makes it ideal for edges andIronCode Unit confined spaces. SIL598452 EachSIL103696 Each Code Unit Silverline 633465 No.4 Hand SIL351498 Each Plane 50 x 2mm BladeSilverline 238104 Jointer Plane No.7 550 x 60mm Silverline 456938 MiniChrome carbon steel for excellent edge retention. Ground to 25 Bullnose Plane 72mm degrees ready for honing.Code UnitSTA012331 EachStanley 0-12-504 Block Plane IronCast iron body with rosewoodRosewood handle secured with 2 handles secured by 2 brass screws.brass screws. Milled sides, brass Milled sides, brass adjusting screwExtremely functional rosewood andadjusting screw and heavy duty 2mm and heavy duty 3mm blade. Bladebrass plane, ideal for hobbyist orblade. Blade width 50mm.width 60mm. cabinet maker.Code Unit Chrome carbon steel for excellent Code Unit Code Unit edge retention. Ground to 25 SIL456938 Each SIL633465 Each degrees ready for honing.SIL238104 EachSilverline 633569 No.2 BlockCode UnitSilverline 465991 No.6 Fore Silverline 244990 Mini BlockPlane 450 x 60mm Plane 178 x 41mm STA012504 EachPlane 72mmStanley 1-12-003 Bailey Smoothing Plane No.3Cast iron body and rosewood handles secured by 2 brass screws.Top quality tool manufactured from Rosewood and brass, this plane isMilled sides, brass adjusting screwfine quality, grey iron casting with especially suited to intricate work.and heavy duty 3mm blade. Bladeall-brass fittings. 41mm blade width. Professional fully adjustable metal Ideal for hobbyist or cabinet maker. width 60mm. Code Unit plane with 45mm blade width. Kidney shaped lever cap screw hole Code Unit SIL633569 Each prevents accidental slippage of Code Unit SIL465991 Each cutter.SIL244990 Each Silverline Spoke Shave Code UnitSilverline 508824 No.5 Hand Silverline 306437 Block PlanePlane 50 x 2mm Blade STA112003 Each45 x 165mm Stanley 1-12-004 4 Bailey Smoothing Plane No.4Cast-iron and epoxy-coated with carbon steel blades for precision shaping. Vertical and horizontal blade adjustment and brass adjusting screws. Flat face for outer Cast iron body with rosewoodradii. Blade width 52mm.Pressed steel body with high carbonhandles secured by 2 brass screws.Professional fully adjustable metal steel blade. Base size 45 x 165mm.Milled sides, brass adjusting screwCode Size Unit plane with 45mm blade width.Kidney Large knurled adjustment wheel.and heavy duty 2mm blade. BladeConvex Spoke Shave shaped lever cap screw hole prevents Impact resistant. width 50mm, plane width 60mm. accidental slippage of cutter.SIL633515 10 (250mm) EachCode Unit Code Unit Flat Spoke Shave Code UnitSIL306437 Each SIL508824 Each SIL598427 10 (250mm) Each STA112004 Each360 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'