b'IRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSIRONMONGERYPAD LOCKSBRASS PADLOCKSHilka Brass CombinationKasp K125 Premium BrassKasp K120 Brass Padlock Securit Tricircle Brass PadlockPadlock 30mm PadlockPAD LOCKSThe general purpose 120 seriesCode Size Unitoffers a range of affordable padlocksMPSS1173 25mm EachThe versatile 125 series premiumwithout compromising quality. MPSS1174 32mm Eachbrass padlock range is available inCode Size Unit MPSS1175 38mm Each30mm Brass combination padlock,a wide range of sizes and shackleKASK12020D 20mm Each MPSS1176 50mm Each4 digit combination, solid brassoptions. KASK12025D 25mm Eachrust and corrosion resistant, fullyCode Size Unit MPSS1177 63mm Eachhardened shackle 5mm diameter. KASK12030D 30mm EachKASK12515D 15mm Each KASK12040D 40mm Each Securit Brass Padlock & 3 Code Unit KASK12520D 20mm Each KASK12040L55D 40mm Each KeysHIL70760030 Each KASK12525D 25mm Each KASK12050D 50mm EachKASK12530D 30mm Each KASK12060D 60mm EachHilka Heavy Duty BrassKASK12535D 35mm EachPadlock KASK12540D 40mm Each Kasp K124 Red Plastic Coated KASK12545D 45mm Each Brass Padlock 40mmKASK12550D 50mm EachKASK12560D 60mm EachClosed Shackle Code Size UnitKASK12540XD 40mm Each MPSS1151 20mm EachKASK12550XD 50mm Each MPSS1152 25mm EachLong Shackle MPSS1153 30mm EachKASK12530L70BD 30x70mm EachBrass shackle MPSS1154 35mm Each KASK12540L40D 40x40mm EachDouble bolted locking mechanismFully hardened steel shackleMPSS1155 40mm Eachpadlocks, rust and corrosionKASK12540L63D 40x63mm Each Soild brass body MPSS1156 45mm Eachresistant. Includes 3 keys. Display Anti-pick mushroom pinsKASK12540L63BD 40x63mm Eachpacked in double blister cards. Paracentric keyway MPSS1157 50mm EachKASK12540L63A1 40x63mm Each Loose Plastic coated bodyCode Size UnitKASK12550L80D 50x80mm Each MPSB1152BULK 25mm EachHIL70700030 30mm Each KASK12550L80A1 50x80mm Each Code UnitHIL70700040 40mm Each KASK12440REDD Each MPSB1157BULK 50mm EachQuad PackHIL70700050 50mm Each KASK12540D4 40mm Pk 4 Securit Brass Padlock Long HIL70700060 60mm Each To Pass Key No.25201 Securit Armoured PadlockShackle & 3 KeysStainless SteelKasp K110 Brass CombiKASK12520A1 20mm EachPadlock To Pass Key No.25251KASK12525A1 25mm EachTo Pass Key No.25301KASK12530A1 30mm EachTo Pass Key No.25401KASK12540A1 40mm Each Brass/Matt Chrome.To Pass Key No.25501 Code Size UnitKASK12550A1 50mm Each MPSS1105 60mm EachTo Pass Key No.25601 MPSS1106 80mm EachKASK12560A1 60mm Each MPSS1107 90mm Each Code Size UnitTwin Pack MPSS1159 40mm EachKASK12520D2 20mm Pk 2 Securit Brass Combi Padlock MPSS1160 50mm EachIdeal for a wide range ofKASK12525D2 25mm Pk 2applications, the solid brass bodiedKASK12530D2 30mm Pk 2 Securit S1131 Gold Door Brass 110 series offers the convenience of aKASK12540D2 40mm Pk 2 Padlockresettable combination mechanism, allowing it to be set to a memorableKASK12550D2 50mm Pk 2number of choice.Code Size UnitKASK11020D 20mm EachKASK11030D 30mm Each Resettable code lock Brass.KASK11040D 40mm EachA MASSIVE RANGECode Size UnitTO CHOOSE FROM MPSS1196 30mm Each Code Size UnitMPSS1197 40mm Each MPSS1131 15mm Each422 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'