b'HAND TOOLSTAPES & MEASURESTAPES & MEASURES HAND TOOLSCLICK COUNTER LONG TAPESSilverline 100112 4-DigitFisco Hultafors RangerRST Steel Tape Open Frame Silverline Fibreglass Counter Fibreglass Open Tape Surveyors TapeTAPES & MEASURESOpen frame with imperial and Mechanical counter counts up tometric markings9999, lightweight and durableDesigned to withstand heavy on-site Steel core with fibreglass extrusionDurable, vinyl-coated steel casing plastic body. Easy to use single leveruse, the Ranger open frame tape is acoating and 12mm wide fibreglass tape action. popular choice with professionals in 3x geared high speed windingcoated with PVC for durability and the building trade. Code Unit The highly flexible glass-fibre tape ismechanism easy cleaning. Folding metal claw SIL100112 Each electronically non-conductive when F olding metal end hook and handle. Impervious to water, dry, corrosion proof and resistant to 13mm blade width crease-resistant and marked with metric and imperial graduations.INCLINOMETER breakage and common chemicals. Code Size UnitCode Size Unit RSTRKM91330 30m Each Code Length UnitSilverline 250471FISRN30793246 30m Each RSTRKM91350 50m Each SILMT37 10m EachInclinometer 100mm FISRN50093246 50m Each RSTRKM913100 100m Each SILMT38 30m EachSILMT40 50m EachFisco Meteor Tape RST Steel TapeSilverline Open Reel Surveyors TapeFor roofing, scaffolding and general Closed case with imperial andangle measurement. Clear, easy to Professional grade, highmetric markings read dial divided into 90 quadrants.specification steel surveyingSteel core with fibreglass extrusion Durable 100mm diameter plastictapes, the Meteor is constructed tocoatinghousing with a convenient magneticwithstand heavy use on-site3x geared high speed winding base. The case design prevents excessmechanismCode Unit dirt getting onto the blade - simply Ergonomic case designwipe with a cloth or glove as you SIL250471 Each rewind after use Folding rewind crank Heavy duty fibre surveyors Folding metal end hook tapes with metric and imperial Code Length Unit graduations. Strong plastic case with LONG TAPES13mm blade width folding winding handle. FISMT10-14 10m EachRST Open Frame SurveyorsFISNT10-14 20m Each Code Size Unit Code Length UnitFibreglass Tape RSTRKM61330 30m Each SILMT45 30m EachRST Fibreglass Tape RSTRKM61350 50m Each SILMT46 50m EachSILMT47 100m EachSilverline 250213 Geared Surveyors Tape Silverline Steel Surveyors TapeThis RST open frame geared tape is designed with a heavy duty fiberglass blade which is corrosion resistant andA range of fibreglass surveyors hardwearing. This tape has a easy-griptapes with plastic case.winding handle with a 3:1 rewind ratioFibreglass bladereturn. With both metric and imperial markings this tape has a colourful Measures from zero design making it easy to recognise. Metal End Hook Steel case and 12mm wide tape Stainless steel blade with corrosion-The claw at the end of the blade is Black ABS Case resistant magnetic hook clip. Manualwith phosphate coating for rust ideal for wedging into material to keep3:1 gear ratio gives a fast andprotection. Enamelled and lacquered the end secure enabling you to readCode Size Unit fully controlled blade retraction.coating protects metric and imperial an accurate measurement. RSTRDM21 10m/33ft Each Comfortable, contoured grip andprinted graduations. Metal end Code Size Unit RSTRDM22 15m/50ft Each clear, easy-to-read graduations. hooks and claw.RSTRKM71030 30m/100ft Each RSTRDM23 20m/66ft Each Code Length Unit Code Length UnitRSTRKM71050 50m/165ft Each RSTRDM24 30m/100ft Each SIL250213 50m Each SILMT42 30m EachRSTRKM71000 100m/330ft Each RSTRDM25 50m/165ft Each SIL250220 100m Each SILMT44 50m EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 325'