b'HAND TOOLSSCREWDRIVERSSCREWDRIVERS HAND TOOLSCUSHION GRIP SCREWDRIVERS FATMAX SCREWDRIVERSStanley 2-65-014 ScrewdriverStanley 5-64-977 ScrewdriverStanley FatMax Screwdriver Stanley 0-65-436 Fatmax Set 10pc Flared/Pozi Set 10pc (Flared/Phillips) Screwdriver Set 5pc Phillips/Flared/ParallelSCREWDRIVERSLarge diameter handle offers great torque needed for driving wood screws. Soft grip handleperfect combination of great grip plus reduces fatigue.Chrome plated bar ensuringCode Size UnitChrome plated bar ensuringresistance to corrosion. Flaredresistance to corrosion.Code Unit Code Unit STA065478 2.5 x 75mm EachSTA065479 3 x 75mm Each Large diameter handle offers great STA265014 Each STA564977 Each torque needed for driving wood STA065016 4 x 100mm Each screws. Soft grip handleperfect Stanley Screwdriver Stanley 0-65-013 ScrewdriverSTA065481 4 x 125mm Each combination of great grip plus Set 4pc Phillips & Flared STA065098 5.5 x 100mm Each reduces fatigue.STA065482 5.5 x 125mm Each Code UnitSTA065483 5.5 x 150mm Each STA065436 EachSTA065141 6.5 x 150mm EachChrome plated bar ensuringSTA065137 8 x 150mm Each Stanley 0-65-437 Fatmax resistance to corrosion. Soft gripSTA065138 8 x 175mm Each Screwdriver Set 8pc Phillips/handle for excellent comfort andSTA065139 10 x 200mm Each Flared/Parallelcontrol.STA065143 12 x 250mm EachCode Size Unit PoziFlared STA064952 PZ0 x 60mm EachSTA064916 5 x 100mm Each Chrome plated bar ensuring resistance to corrosion. Soft gripSTA065319 PZ0 x 75mm EachSTA064919 6.5 x 150mm Each handle for excellent comfort andSTA065408 PZ1 x 30mm EachSTA064921 8 x 150mm Each control. STA064955 PZ1 x 75mm EachSTA064922 10 x 200mm Each Code Unit STA065335 PZ1 x 100mm EachParallel STA065013 Each STA065336 PZ1 x 250mm EachSTA064923 2.5 x 75mm Each STA065409 PZ2 x 30mm EachSTA064978 3 x 50mm Each ENGINEERS SCREWDRIVERS STA064974 PZ2 x 100mm EachSTA064924 3 x 75mm Each STA065337 PZ2 x 125mm EachSTA065008 3 x 100mm Each Silverline 467700 EngineerSTA062571 PZ2 x 250mm EachSTA064979 3 x 150mm Each Screwdriver Set 12pc Large diameter handle offers great STA064976 PZ3 x 150mm EachSTA064983 3.5 x 75mm Each STA065338 PZ3 x 150mm Each torque needed for driving wood STA065017 4 x 100mm Each screws. Soft grip handleperfect STA065339 PZ4 x 200mm Each combination of great grip.STA065093 4 x 150mm EachSTA065094 5.5 x 150mm Each Code UnitStanley 0-65-428 FatmaxSTA065437 EachSTA065096 6.5 x 150mm Each Screwdriver Set 6pc Pozi/Phillips Flared/ParallelSTA064930 PH0 x 60mm Each Stanley 5-62-572 Fatmax Screwdriver Set 20pc STA065206 PH0 x 75mm Each (Parallel/Flared/Philips/Pozi)STA064931 PH1 x 45mm EachSTA064932 PH1 x 75mm Each Fully hardened chrome vanadium STA065207 PH1 x 100mm Each steel blades with hardened, satin finish and magnetic tips. High-impact STA064933 PH1 x 150mm Each plastic handles. Includes 6 x Pozidriv: STA064934 PH2 x 45mm Each PZ0 x 75, PZ1 x 75, PZ2 x 38, PZ2 x STA064940 PH2 x 100mm Each 100, PZ2 x 150 and PZ3 x 200mm, and 6 x slotted: 3 x 75, 5 x 75, 6 x 38, STA065209 PH2 x 125mm Each 6 x 100, 6 x 150, and 8 x 200mm.STA064941 PH2 x 150mm EachCode UnitSTA065224 PH2 x 250mm Each SIL467700 SetSTA064949 PH3 x 150mm EachLarge diameter handle offers great torque needed for driving woodLarge diameter handle offers great screws. Soft grip handleperfecttorque needed for driving wood FOR A WIDE RANGE OF WOOD SCREWS,combination of great grip plusscrews. Soft grip handleperfect MULTI PURPOSE SCREWS, DRYWALLreduces fatigue. combination of great grip.SCREWS, FRAME FIXINGS AND MANY MORECode Unit Code UnitSee pages 127-153 STA065428 Each STA562572 EachOpen a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 297'