b'IRONMONGERYTUBES & FITTINGSIRONMONGERYTUBES & FITTINGS TURN BUTTONS VENTSSecurit End Sockets 19mm Securit S5540 Oval CentreSecurit S2692 TurnbuttonsSecurit Aluminium Louvre Bracket Chrome 30mm CardBrass Vent Goldof 1TUBES & FITTINGS, TURN BUTTONS & VENTSCode Finish Unit Code Size UnitMPSS5552 Chrome Card Code Size Unit MPSS3216 9 x 3 EachMPSS5557 Brass Card MPSS2692 35mm Card MPSS3217 9 x 6 EachSecurit End Sockets 25mmCode Unit Securit S3015 TurnbuttonsSecurit Hit & Miss Vent Card of 2 MPSS5540 Per Card Chrome Plated 35mm AluminiumSecurit S5541 Oval End Brackets Chrome 30mm Card of 2Code Finish UnitMPSS5532 Nickel Card of 2 Code UnitMPSS3015 Card of 2 Code Size UnitSecurit End Sockets 25mmSecurit S5154 TurnbuttonsMPSS3220 9 x 3 EachCard of 2 Black Card-2 MPSS3221 9 x 6 EachMPSS3222 9 x 9 EachCode UnitMPSS5541 Card of 2 Securit Louvre Vent AluminiumSecurit S5542 Oval Rod Sockets Chrome 30mm Card of 2Code Finish Unit Code Size UnitMPSS5562 Chrome Card of 2 MPSS5154 50mm CardMPSS5577 Brass Card of 2With screw VENTSCode Size UnitMPSS5533 Nickel Card of 2Monument 2580U Vent SizingMPSS3210 9 x 3 EachMPSS5565 Brass Card of 2 Gauge 5 - 10mm MPSS3211 9 x 6 EachCode Unit MPSS3212 9 x 9 EachSecurit S5536 Towel RailMPSS3214 24 x 3 EachEnd Brackets Brushed NickelMPSS5542 Card of 225mm Card of 2 Securit Plastic Hit & Miss Securit Towel Rail CentreVent WhiteBracket 19mmFor the difficult job of measuring vent slots. The gauge is stepped in increments of 1mm and will measure vent slots from 5mm up to 10mm.Code UnitMON2580U EachCode Unit Code Size UnitSecurit Aluminium Hit & MissMPSS3260 9 x 3 EachMPSS5536 Card of 2 Code Finish Unit Vent GoldMPSS3261 9 x 6 EachMPSS5564 Chrome Card MPSS3262 9 x 9 EachSecurit S5537 Towel Rail Centre Bracket BrushedSecurit Towel Rail EndSecurit Plastic Louvre Vent Nickel 25mm Card of 1 Brackets 19mm WhiteCode Size UnitCode Size Unit MPSS3257 9 x 3 EachCode Unit Code Finish Unit MPSS3226 9 x 3 Each MPSS3258 9 x 6 EachMPSS5537 Per Card MPSS5563 Chrome Card MPSS3227 9 x 6 Each MPSS3259 9 x 9 Each442 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'