b'POWER TOOLSAIR TOOLSPOWER TOOLSAIR TOOLSAIR FITTINGSSilverline 237552 Euro AirSilverline 238650 Euro AirSilverline 868632 Air LineSilverline 269591 10m Coiled Line Male Thread QuickLine Hose End Quick CouplerEqual Union Connector 1/4 BSP Air HoseCoupler 1/4 BSP 8mmAIR TOOLS6mm (1/4) BSPT (tapered) maleAir hose with 2 x 1/4 BSP female 1/4 BSP male thread Euro quickEuro quick bayonet socket to 8mmthread. Zinc plated. Overall lengthconnectors. 6mm internal diameter; coupler socket. Overall lengthhose end. Overall length 48mm. 40mm. 8mm external diameter. Maximum 42mm. working pressure 10bar.Code Unit Code UnitCode Unit SIL238650 Each Code UnitSIL237552 Each SIL868632 Pk 2SIL269591 EachSilverline 237618 Euro MaleSilverline 277851 Air LineSilverline 918523 Air Line Thread Bayonet Coupler 1/4Quick Coupler 1/4 BSPBayonet Male Thread CouplerSilverline Air Line Rubber HoseBSP Female Thread 6mm 6mm 1/4 BSPHigh quality reinforced, 8mm (5/16) Overall length 65mm. Quick release air line male bayonetbore. Working pressure 20Bar. 6mm Euro air line male bayonet coupler. 1/4coupler. 6mm (1/4) BSP male(1/4) BSP female nut end fittings. BSP male thread. Overall length 32mm. Code Unit thread. Overall length 55mm. Conforms to ISO 2398/2.Code Unit SIL277851 Pk 2 Code Unit Code Size UnitSIL237618 Pk 2 SIL918523 Pk 2 SIL633578 10m EachSilverline 675137 Air LineSIL427543 15m EachSilverline 237782 Euro AirHose End Bayonet Coupler Line Hose End Coupler 8mm 8mm Silverline 456965 Mini In-Line Oiler 1/4 BSP Male and Female Air Hammer Retaining SpringSpare retaining spring to keep chisel Overall length 55mm. Automatic in-line oiler for smallin place. For use with Silverline Air Euro bayonet to 8mm hose end.Code Unit tools. See-through reservoir showsHammer Set (394970).Overall length 40mm. when oil is low.SIL675137 Each Code UnitCode Unit Code Unit SIL248153 EachSIL237782 Pk 2 Silverline 427601 Air LineSIL456965 EachSwivel Connector 1/4 BSPSilverline (255314) Hand Silverline 238184 Euro AirFemale Thread Silverline 583243 Air LineNibbler 260mmLine Female Thread CouplerCoupling Bayonet Female 1/4 BSP Thread 1/4 BSPHardened and tempered chrome-plated steel with serrated tool steel blades. Cuts without distorting material 1/4 BSP female thread Euro quicksurface. Locking catch and non-slip coupler socket. Overall length 43mm. Anodised aluminium. safety handles. Cuts sheet metal up 1/4 BSP female thread air lineto 1.2mm and plastic up to 2mm. Jaw Code Unit coupling bayonet. capacity 5mm. Length 260mm.SIL238184 Each Code UnitSIL427601 Each Code Unit Code UnitSilverline 238283 Euro AirSIL583243 Pk 2 SIL255314 EachLine Bayonet Female ThreadSilverline 794320 Air Line Coupler 1/4 BSP Quick Coupler 1/4 BSP OPEN A WHOLESALEACCOUNT TODAYUP TO 30 DAYS FREE CREDIT.Euro air line bayonet coupler. 1/4 BSP6mm (1/4) BSP male thread/quick female thread. Overall length 33mm. coupler socket. Overall length 70mm. GET BENEFITS, GET DISCOUNTS.Code Unit Code UnitSIL238283 Pk 2 SIL794320 Pk 2504 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'