b'CLEANING & HOUSEWARESPEST CONTROLPEST CONTROL CLEANING & HOUSEWARESFLY & WASP CONTROLRentokil FG06 GreenhouseRentokil PSF126 Fly & WaspRentokil Wasp Powder Fixman 370370 Fly Swats Fly Trap Spray 300ml Pack-4Attracts and kills greenfly, whitefly Designed for killing wasps in andPEST CONTROLand other flying garden pests.around the homeDiscreet smaller size.Fast acting insecticidal spray Ideal for inaccessible nestsCode UnitCode Unit which kills flies, wasps, moths andEffective within 24 hoursRENFG06 Each mosquitoes. For direct knockdownSIL370370 Eachand room treatment. PleasantCode Size UnitRentokil FW20 Window Flyfragrance. Contains tetramethrin andRENPSW101 150g Each Fixman 417498 Wasp Trap Screen permethrin. RENPSW102 300g Each Bag 215 x 195mmCode UnitRENPSF126 Each Rentokil PSW97 Wasp Destroy Foam 300mlRentokil PSO52 Flying Insect Killer Spray Ideal for kitchens andconservatories Protects up to 30 cubic metres Code UnitMesh size is 1.5 square metres SIL417498 EachSafe to use - no poisons IntendedWasp nest destroyer foam kills wasps for indoor use in their nest from a distance appliedFixman (848458) Wasp TrapLasts up to 3 months 125 x 80 x 80mmfrom approximately 2m the 300ml Rentokil Flying Insect Killer Spray isof foam is enough to treat 3 large Code Unit completely insecticide-free and can RENFW20 Each be used in and around the home.nests kills wasps in the nest effective Spray directly onto flies and flyingwithin 24 hours.Rentokil FW32 Wasp Trap insects to kill them quickly. Code UnitCode Unit RENPSW97 EachRENPSO52 EachFixman 195398 Fly Trap Rentokil PST79 Trip Act BinWindow StickersFresh 500mlPoison-free system baited using sugar syrup, fruit juice or squash. Safe for pets and humans. Can be Code Unit hung up or stood on a flat surface for easy placement.RENFW32 Each Code UnitSIL195398 Pk 4 Code UnitRentokil FW35 Window FlySIL848458 EachTraps Fixman 195491 Fly Paper 750mm Fixman 861337 Bug ZapperFor the control of ants, fleas, cockroaches and many other crawling insects - for indoor and outdoor use - long lasting.Code UnitRENPST79 EachEspecially designed without anPack of 4 non-toxic fly paper strips. insecticide to attract and control flyHanging adhesive strip for catching activity in any room in the home orflies. Includes drawing pin for in the greenhouse. Leaves no traceattaching strip to surfaces. Colour: when removed. White.Code UnitCode Unit Code Unit SIL861337 EachRENFW35 Pk 4 SIL195491 Pk 4Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT. Get benefits, get discounts. 61'