b'FIXINGS & FASTENERSCOVER CAPSFIXINGS & FASTENERSCOVER CAPS EYE BOLTS HOOK & LOOP HOSE CLIPSCorrugated Roofing Screw &Anchor Bolt Hook Fixman Hook & Loop TapeJubilee CD100 Hoseclip Stand Cap White Self-Adhesive Pack of 2 100pcCode Size Unit Self-adhesive hook and loop FOR10HOOK6 M6 Bag 10 fastening system includes one roll COVER CAPS, DROP IN ANCHORS, EYE BOLTS, HIGH TENSILE BOLTS, HOOK & LOOP & HOSE CLIPS FOR10HOOK8 M8 Bag 10 of hook and one roll of loop in 100% Code Unit nylon. Hundreds of uses around the FOR10CRSC Bag 10 FOR5HOOK10 M10 Bag 5 home, including decorating, DIY, crafts and office projects.Plastic Dome Cap Dark Brown Securit Eyebolt Zinc Plated Code Size Unit Contains 100 Hoseclips in 10 popular sizes from OOO (9.5-12mm) to 2 Black (40-55mm).SIL759818 20mm x 5m EachCode UnitSIL754321 25mm x 5m EachJUBDIS EachSIL534608 50mm x 5m Each T wo piece construction with click- White Jubilee Hoseclip Zinc on action for speed on installation SIL316144 50mm x 5m Each Protected Mild Steel Hardwearing polyamide material SIL366690 20mm x 5m Eachfor increased durability Code Size (mm) Unit Once fitted caps are extremely MPSS6272 M8 x 150 Card Fixman Self-Wrap Hook & difficult to removeMPSS6273 M8 x 200 Card Loop Tape BlackCode Colour UnitFOR200PDT1 Dark Brown Bag 200 HIGH TENSILE BOLTSFOR200PDT2 Black Bag 200High Tensile Bolt Bright Zinc DROP IN ANCHORS PlatedJubilee Clips in zinc protected mild steel are the most popular HNH Drop In Anchor 20mm Double-sided hook and loop selfclips in the range. Ideally suited wrap in 100% nylon. Reusable andfor most day to day requirements flexible self-gripping back-to-backfor joining hose in areas such as fastening system. Wraps aroundthe automotive industry and the objects to be bundled or controlled,automotive aftermarket, agricultural providing a neat and secure closureapplications, such as irrigation without buckles or hardware. Idealand farm machinery, pneumatic for cable control, networking, plantand hydraulic applications in the ties or anything that needs to beindustrial sector, hardware/DIY tied or bundled. Also works whenapplications and in construction.Code Size Unit submerged in water. Code Size (mm) UnitM10 Bag Code Size Unit JUBOOO 9.5-12 EachCode Size Unit FOR10HTB1050 50mm 10 SIL419854 10mm x 25m Each JUBMOO 11-16 EachFORDROP20 20mm Box 15 FOR10HTB1070 70mm 10 SIL666014 13mm x 25m Each JUBOO 13-20 EachFOR10HTB1075 75mm 10 SIL684180 25mm x 5m Each JUBO 16-22 EachFixman (930726) Drop-InFOR10HTB1080 80mm 10 JUBOX 18-25 EachAnchor 8mm Pack of 10 FOR10HTB10100 100mm 10 Fixman Hook & Loop CableJUB1A 22-30 EachFOR10HTB10120 120mm 10 Ties 10pk Black JUB1 25-35 EachFOR10HTB10130 130mm 10 JUB1X 30-40 EachFOR10HTB10140 140mm 10 JUB1M 32-45 EachFOR10HTB10150 150mm 10 JUB2A 35-50 EachCode Unit M12 Bag JUB2 40-55 EachSIL930726 Each FOR5HTB1250 50mm 5 JUB2X 45-60 EachEYE BOLTS FOR5HTB1270 70mm 5 Multi-use, high quality nylon hook- JUB3 55-70 EachFOR5HTB12110 110mm 5 and-loop cable ties. Includes eyeletsJUB3X 60-80 EachFOR5HTB12130 130mm 5 for feeding onto cable. 25mm width.JUB4 70-90 EachAnchor Bolt Eye Ideal for securing cables, ropes, FOR5HTB12150 150mm 5 hoses, computer and audio cable. ForJUB4X 85-100 EachM6 Bag use around the home, garden andJUB5 90-120 EachFOR10HTB650 50mm 10 workplace. JUB6 110-140 EachFOR10HTB660 60mm 10 Code Size Unit JUB6X 120-150 EachM8 Bag Black JUB7 135-165 EachFOR10HTB830 30mm 10 SIL986306 150mm Pk 10 JUB712 158-190 EachCode Size Unit FOR10HTB840 40mm 10 SIL138113 300mm Pk 10 JUB812 184-216 EachFOR10EYE6 M6 Bag 10 FOR10HTB850 50mm 10 SIL378153 450mm Pk 10 JUB912 210-242 EachFOR10EYE8 M8 Bag 10 FOR10HTB860 60mm 10 White JUB1012 235-267 EachFOR5EYE10 M10 Bag 5 FOR10HTB8100 100mm 10 SIL849309 150mm Pk 10 JUB1112 260-292 EachFOR5EYE12 M12 Bag 5 FORHTB860 60mm 100 SIL675221 300mm Pk 10 JUB1212 286-318 Each132 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'