b'HAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSHAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSKEYS & SPANNERSDickie Dyer (571010) CoverDickie Dyer (685183)Dickie Dyer (854261) TapMonument 2056D 3 Way Lifter 2-in-1 Multipurpose 4-in-1 StopcockBacknut Spanner 27 - 32mmRadiator KeyKey 900mm / 35 - 11.001 - 11.021PLUMBERS TOOLSCorrosion-resistant galvanisedMonument Three Legged Radiator carbon steel cover lifter. AllowsHeavy duty, corrosion-resistantValve Key for 1/2, 3/4 and 1in radiator easy access to drainage systems byCorrosion-resistant galvanised steelgalvanised carbon steel box spanner.valves. Made from a brass pressing.lifting or replacing manhole covers.key. Allows easy access to drainageMakes fitting and removing taps T-shaped lifting handle. Suitable forsystems by lifting or replacingeasy. Tommy bar holes for extraCode Size Unitmost non-locking covers. manhole covers. Quality welds withleverage. Suitable for most brass andMON2056D 12 x 19mm EachCode Unit strong T-bar design. Fits 1/2 and 3/4plastic tap backnuts 1/2 and 3/4. SIL571010 Each square stop taps, and 1/2 and 3/4Sizes: 27-32mm. Monument 2058J Radiator stop taps. Code Unit Bleed Keys Pack-2Dickie Dyer (575567)Code Unit SIL854261 EachMonobloc Spanner & TommySIL685183 EachBar Set 4pce 8 - 13mm - 11.061 Hilka 20014000 4 Way Multi Dickie Dyer (687650) Double- Purpose KeyCranked Radiator Spanner 12mm / 1/2 - 11.034 For releasing the air which can appear in a radiator. Clock key type for key ring. Pack of 2.Code UnitChrome vanadium steel with mattMON2058J Eachfinish for extra grip. Allows easy access to monobloc tap nuts inUsed for gas and electric meterMonument 2059M 4 Way Key awkward positions. Double-endedDouble-cranked, corrosion-resistantcupboards also covers stop cocksFor Meter Boxwith stepped tommy bar for extragalvanised carbon steel spanner foroutside taps and radiators.leverage. Extendable by slotting inimperial and metric radiator fittings. end-to-end for longer reach. IncludesFits metric 12mm hexagon and 12mmCode Unittommy bar and 3 spanners withlug type plugs. Fits imperial 1/2HIL20014000 Eachsizes: 8/9mm, 10/11mm, 12/13mmhexagon, 1/2 lug type vent plugs spanners to fit all monobloc tapand black iron plugs.nuts. Monument 1010L Manhole Code Unit Code Unit Keys 5 multi purpose four way key for gas, SIL575567 Each SIL687650 Each water and electric meter cupboards, air conditioning units, stop valves, Dickie Dyer (735125) Valve &mains consoles etc, central heating Dickie Dyer (578338) CrutchAir Release Key Double-Endedpump cocks, some radiator valves Head Stopcock Key 875mm /- 15.082 and drain off valves.34 - 15.014 Code UnitMON2059M EachTee Handle 1010L 125mm (5) DMonument 2166M TRV shaped end, malleable iron keys.Radiator Tail Driver Fitting ToolCorrosion-resistant galvanised steelUsed to lift manhole covers for key with extended shaft for hard-to- inspection or repair to sewers. reach stopcocks. Tapered chisel endCorrosion-resistant galvanised steelSupplied in pairs.on T-handle. Suitable for standardkey with valve key on short end, andCode Size Unitstopcocks. air-release bleed key on long end. Length 50mm. MON1010L 5 (125mm) PairCode Unit This socket is designed to enable fast SIL578338 Each Code Unit Monument 2052R Universalremoval and installation of radiator SIL735125 Each Radiator & Valve Key valve tails and will fit most makes and Dickie Dyer (627393)sizes . The socket can be used with a Dickie Dyer (849025) Heavyeither a cordless drill chuck or ratchet Universal Stopcock 5-in-1 Keywith 10mm hex socket.1075mm / 42 - 15.011 Duty Immersion Heater Spanner 86mm Code UnitMON2166M EachMonument 331E Mini Crutch Stopcock KeyCorrosion-resistant galvanised steel key in robust construction. Allows easy access to drainage systems inTapered ends. 3 profiles - universal hard-to-reach locations. TaperedHeavy duty, unbreakable SG casttool. 3/8in. & 10mm square section handle T-bar insert for leverage andiron spanner. Designed for fittingradiator vent plugs; bayonet / lifting access covers. Fits 5 typesor removing recessed elements oninternal lug type radiator valves. of stopcock: 1/2 and 3/4 crutchimmersion heaters. Compatible withTapered 12mm - 14mm internalFor the difficult job of turning on and head valves; and 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4most immersion heaters. hexagon valves. off hard to get at stopcocks of the square. crutch head type.Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitSIL849025 Each MON2052R Each Code UnitSIL627393 Each MON331E Each276 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'