b'HAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSHAND TOOLSPLUMBERS TOOLSOLIVE REMOVING TOOLS PIPE BENDERS & SPRINGSMonument 2034N OliveDickie Dyer Spare Guide forMonument 2600K BendingSilverline (333239) Tube Cutter 10mm Pipe Bender Machine 15 & 22mm Bender 8 - 12mmPLUMBERS TOOLSDurable polished-aluminium pipe bender guide. Replacement guide for the Dickie Dyer Pipe Bender Kit. Compatible with most pipe benders. For use with copper, aluminium and The Monument olive cutting tool islight duty steel pipes.designed to remove an olive fromFor BSEN1057 15mm & 22mm copper pipe without damaging theCode Size Unit Copper pipe size, Stainless steelStrong, die-cast aluminium body and pipe and without producing swarf/ size 15mm heavy duty steel hinge. Bends 8, 10 debris. NOTE: DO NOT attempt toSIL664171 15mm Each Tubular steel handles & a castand 12mm copper and aluminium remove stainless steel olives withSIL330131 22mm Each head, comes supplied with 15mm &tubing. Durable steel handles with this tool. 22mm guides ergonomic soft grips. Guide with Dickie Dyer (516756) HeavyFormers marked with bending0, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 18 Code Unit markings. Spring-loaded, tiltable Duty Pipe Bender Kit 3pce 15- angles of 30 45 & 90 degreehold-down mechanism.MON2034N Each 22mm - 11.205 offsetsCode UnitMonument 2036T Olive PullerCode Size Unit SIL333239 Each15-22mm MON2600K 15mm & 22mm EachSilverline (609150) Hinged Monument 2611S Mini PipePipe Vice 12 - 60mmBenderHeavy duty carbon steel handles with durable surface finish & non-slip grips. Bends 15-22mm pipe up to 18 kink-free. Can be used bench-mounted or clamped in a vice for easier bending. For use with copper, aluminium and light duty steel pipes. Zipped nylon Ideal for removing olives frompouch attaches to pipe bender handleFor 180 bends on 6mm, 8mm, and copper piping without damaging theand keeps guides organised. Includes10mm copper pipe.attached pipe. Suitable for 15mm andaluminium guides 15 and 22mm, andCode Unit22mm copper pipe. zipped nylon pouch.MON2611S Each Cast steel frame and base, powerful Code Unit Code Unitserrated-steel jaws and plated steel MON2036T-1 Each SIL516756 Each Monument Guide For 2600k tommy bar. Reversible, self-locking frame for right and left-handed Monument Olive Remover Tool Eclipse Hand Pipe Benderoperation. 13mm dia mounting 15mm & 22mm holes for secure mounting on workbenches or tool stands. Ideal for repetitive clamping tasks during pipework installation.Spare pipe bender guide forCode UnitMonument 2600K 15mm-22mm pipeSIL609150 Eachbender. Will also fit Record 218M bendersSilverline MS129 Mini Pipe Designed to remove an olive fromCode Size Unit Bender 6-10mmcopper pipe without damage to theMON2601N 15mm Eachpipe and without producing swarf.MON2603T 22mm EachDo not use on steel olives. CopperA compact tool for bending 15mm pipe diameter - 15mm. and 22mm o.d. copper tube IdealMonument Internal Bend for installing small heating systems. Code Size Unit Hand Bender supplied with 15mmSpringMON2033K 10mm Each and 22m formers and guides.MON2030B 15mm Each Code Unit Strong aluminium casting and heavy MON2031E 22mm Each NEIEHB1522 Each duty hinge. For 6, 8 and 10mm copper pipe. Graduated up to 180.Silverline 675228 Olive PullerHilka Mini Pipe Bender Code Unit15 & 22mm SILMS129 EachInternal Provides internal support to the copper pipe being bent toSilverline Pipe Bender Guideprevent kinking. Manufactured from spring steel with polished finish. External Provides external support to the copper pipe being bent to Small, lightweight, die-castprevent kinking. Manufactured from aluminium tool with integratedspring steel.formers and guide. Bends for 6,Code Size UnitSolid brass. For removal of olives8, 10mm copper pipe & aluminiumHeavy duty pipe bender for 15 from 15 and 22mm compressiontubing up to 180. Suitable forMON828O 8mm Each and 22mm copper tube and 15mm fittings without damaging pipes. central heating and hydraulic pipes. MON829R 12mm Each stainless steel tube.Code Unit Code Unit MON830V 15mm Each Code Size UnitSIL675228 Each HIL20500681 Each MON833E 28mm Each SILMS124 745mm Each278 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'