b'HAND TOOLSELECTRICIANS TOOLSHAND TOOLSELECTRICIANS TOOLSELECTRICAL TESTERSHilka 34020204 Large MainsSilverline (918147) CompactSilverline 589681 DigitalSilverline 675220 Non Contact Tester Battery Tester AAA / AA / C /Multimeter AC & DC AC Voltage Detector 140mmD / 9V / LR1 / A23 /ELECTRICIANS TOOLS, FEATHER EDGES & DARBYS & FILESTUV/GS approved suitable as anUsed to detect voltage in outlets, light electricity screwdriver. Tests 220- fixings, circuit breakers, wires and 250 volts. cables or to find breaks in wires. LED and audible alarms. Voltage detection Code Unit Hand-held multimeter measures50-1000V AC frequency 50-500Hz. HIL34020204 Each A handy, compact battery tester forDC and AC voltage, DC current andMeasurement category CAT III, 1000V a wide range of batteries: AAA, AA,resistance. Also checks continuityper UL3111-1 CAT IV, 600V per IEC61010-D, C, 6F22/PP3 9V, A23, LR1 anddiodes NPN and PNP. Large digital1. Overall length 140mm. Requires 2 x Hilka 34083000 Digital Multibutton cells. Easy-to-read charge- display for easy readings. SuppliedAAA batteries (not supplied).Meter level display. No additional batterywith test leads. Requires 9V battery power required. Code Unit(not included). SIL675220 EachCode Unit Code UnitSIL918147 Each SIL589681 Each Silverline 677484 Mains Tester 100-500V ACSilverline 457014 3-in-1Silverline 228541 Digital Voltage Tester 760mm Clamp Meter DC & ACNeon indicator in clear plastic with metal earth stud in top of handle. 7 functions covering 19 AC/DCLights up when screwdriver is voltages/resistance. Low batterytouched on voltages between 100-indicator, diode and fuse protected.500V AC and earth contact is formed Covers many testing requirements. by touching the metal stud. Plastic Indicates voltage range 110-150V, 220- insulating sleeve on the screwdriver Code Unit 330V and 380-500V AC. Determinesblade. 15mm tip. Length 180mm.HIL34083000 Each if cables are live and helps trace faults. Includes 760mm long cable. Code UnitHilka 34981800 Muti Tester Code Unit Hand-held meter measures ACSIL677484 EachSIL457014 Each current, AC and DC voltage, resistance and continuity. Large LCDStead P18 Terminal display for easy readings. ScrewdriverSilverline 783103 Socket Tester 50mm Code UnitSIL228541 EachSilverline 633597 Circuit Tester 6-12V A light duty screwdriver designedto fit 3mm wide terminal screwsAll purpose tester for testing Chrome vanadium steel bars for microwave leaks, AC voltage testing. Voltage, fuse and other electricalstrength and rust protectionFluted handles designed for tests. Checks sockets are correctly wired. Indicator lights accurately denote:maximised gripCode Unit no neutral; live and earth reversed;Automotive circuit tester withCode Description UnitHIL34981800 Each live and neutral reversed; and no900mm insulated cable and earth earth. Plastic housing 50mm dia. clip. Insulated contact point preventsNEIP18/0 63mm Phillips 0 EachHilka Mains Socket Tester 13A accidental shorting. Quickly and easilyNEIP18/2 63mm Slotted 2 EachCode Unit check electrical system circuits andNEIP18/4 100mm Slotted 4 EachSIL783103 Each accessories on 6V and 12V systems.Silverline 539465 LAN TesterCode Voltage Unit PUNCH DOWN TOOLSRJ11/RJ45 SIL633597 12V Each Silverline 427572 Punch Silverline 783103 SocketDown Tool 180mmTester 50mmStanley STHT0-66121 Mains Circuit Tester 220-250VIdentifies UK 13a main socket wiring faults. 3 LED indicators with durable design. Fast and efficient testing of 30mA RCDS and highlights correctPunch down tool used to cut socket wiring. Includes easy to readand insert cables into telephone LED lights with leakage detectionHand-held tester has connections Insulating plastic handle foraccessories. Spring-loaded impactswitch.Six indications range: wiringsuited for RJ11 and RJ45 cables.complete safety with high and low settings, cable ok, PE open, L open, N open, L/NTwin speed. Master and remote box. S heathed chrome vanadium steellocking and insertion blades and built-reverse, L/PE reverse & PE open. Requires 1 x 9V battery (not included). blade for safety and long product life. in cable shears. Overall length 180mm.Code Unit Code Unit Code Unit Code UnitHIL34050701 Each SIL539465 Each STA066121 Each SIL427572 Each234 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'