b'HAND TOOLSCHALK & LINEHAND TOOLSCHALK & LINE CLAMPS & VICESStanley 0-47-465Tyzack Orange/Yellow BraidedBENCH VICEPowerwinder Chalk Line Kit Brick Lines 50m (164ft) Box of 12 Eclipse Mechanics Vice Silverline 240271 Telescopic Hanging Stand 550mmCHALK & LINE & CLAMPS & VICESThe body and sliding jaw are manufactured from high quality grey cast iron, which has excellent shock absorbing qualities. The precision High quality bricklayers lines for usemilled slide ensures a fast, smooth Case holds 45g/ 1.5oz chalk tooperation, whilst the fused tommy reduce filling times. Contains 100ftwith line pins or blocks to mark out abar will bend before the vice can of 40lb string. Cord length - 30m. straight line between two points. become over-stressed. Includes Code Unit Code Unit hardened steel replaceable jaws and NEISJUK-50M-8OY Each fixing holes for bench mounting. Steel desk edge clamp with STA047465 Each Code Size Unit adjustable telescopic shaft. Tyzack SJ-RLB-OY RubberNEIEMV-1 3 (75mm) Each Keeps rotary tool within easy Stanley 0-47-480 Fatmax XLreach on a rotating hook at the Chalk Line 30m Line Blocks Orange/Yellow NEIEMV-3 4 (100mm) Each most appropriate height for each NEIEMV-5 5 (125mm) Each user. Clamps to benches or can NEIEMV-6 6 (150mm) Each be permanently mounted using pre-drilled holes. Compatible with NEIEMV-8 8 (200mm) Each most rotary tools including Silver, GMC and Dremel. Ideal for use with Irwin 6VS Economy Vice 6 Ton Silverline Flexi Drive Shaft and Silverline Rotary Tool.Code UnitSIL240271 Each30m chalk lineFor use with bricklayers lines to ensureSilverline 380077 Universal Durable die-cast aluminium housingthat brick and blocks are laid out in aWork Holder 50mm Jaw Patented chalk view windowstraight line. Lightweight and easy toCapacityRelease button for line extensionuse. Highly visible fluorescent colours - Quick to rewind easy to see, not so easy to lose. Workshop viceCode Length UnitCode Unit150mm with swivel baseSTA047480 30m EachNEISJ-RLB-OY EachCode UnitStanley Chalk Ultra Cotton Twine NEWT6TON6VS EachIrwin T41211000 Bench Vice 1 Ton 4Removable handle so head can be locked in bench vice. Ideal for small and irregular shaped objects, jewellers items etc. For filing, painting, engraving, sawing, shaping work. Includes 8 steel pins to clamp Code Size Unit odd shapes. Jaw capacity 50mm; jaw ULTTWINE 100g Each width 21mm; handle length 115mm. Powder specially formulated forCLAMPS & VICES Code Unitgood adhesion and high visibility SIL380077 EachColour recommendations BAND CLAMPS Workshop vice 130mm with swivel base Stanley 1-83-065 Light DutyBlue : all round colour for interior and exterior use Stanley 0-83-100 Band ClampCode Unit Bench ViceRed: for external masonry work,4.5m/15 NEWT41211000 EachindelibleWhite: for interior work such asSilverline 595565 Mini Anvil carpet fitting 475gCode Size UnitBlueSTA147403 4oz EachSTA147803 225g Each4.5m band length accommodates STA147917 1000g Each large or irregularly shaped objects Roll-formed screw threads ensure Red Bi-material, tri-lobular handle isCast-iron anvil ideal for jewellerysmooth operation and durabilitySTA147404 4oz Each comfortable and improves torque making or small tasks requiring a Base bolts directly to work benchMetal and reinforced nylonsmall striking surface. Features 25 xsurface for stability STA147804 225g Each construction for strength and23mm horn, which is ideal for shaping,Base swivels and locks for versatilitySTA147919 1000g Each durability and 40 x 25mm striking face.Chrome-plated to resist corrosion White Code Length Unit Code Unit Code Size UnitSTA147405 4oz Each STA083100 4.5m Each SIL595565 Each STA183065 4 Each226 Phone: 0151 647 4255 email: sales@newtonhale.co.uk web: www.newtonhale.co.uk'